VIDEO: Walker Talks Return

Kenny Walker talks about making his return to the field this spring, what he was able to do during his time off to help him, and who the toughest cover corner on the team is....

Kenny Walker:

On punting:
It's going well. I'm third string right now, I'm moving up.

On playing outside receiver after missing 2013:
It feels good now. Being injured, I was kind of down, seeing my brothers out there working and I couldn't do anything about it. As they were doing 1on1s, I still started to get mad because I couldn't do everything I wanted to because I was still injured. But now that I'm in the rotation, it's getting better, it's just working and getting faster and getting better at routes and catching the ball. I'm 100%. I still get spasms here and there, but I just keep stretching.

On if he feels faster:
I feel way faster than last year. In the offseason when I was injured, I just lifted weights and worked out to get stronger, in my legs. And they're not going to get too much bigger because I'm kind of skinny. But they'll get stronger and I feel way faster.

On if he's the fastest receiver on the team:
I'm the fastest person on the team. I don't know my 40, in high school I ran a 4.4, but now I'm trying to go 4.2, but I have to work on the stride.

On if track put the strain on his back:
It was a lot. High school I didn't really lift weights and that could be a problem and front squatting, I'm not really good at the technique so bending, the back was messing up. Switching from track to football and going back and forth was messing up my back.

On working out catching passes while injured:
That's all I was working on. Me and Devin Lucien focused on that because he's seen I could play and the only thing I had to focus on was catching the ball.

On what he needs to work on most this spring:
I still need to work on catching because that's the main thing. My routes have gotten better. I would say moves off the line and my speed release is my main goal. Using jackknife is kind of hard for me, because I'm already past you. It's just working on my releases and come backs.

On how Coach Yarber is helping him:
We go over a lot of drills. I go over a lot of tape and see what I did wrong, what I could have done, what I should have done.

On the toughest cornerback to face:
Fabien is tough. I don't know what happened but all of the sudden, he's gotten really good. It's good for the team, but at the same time, I'm really mad because he's tough. Ishmael is good too but he cheats some times. It's part of the game, but I can't complain about it. Right before he comes out here, he's like 'I'm holding y'all.' He doesn't say it, but he's got that look in his eyes, no matter what, he won't let the receiver catch the ball.

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