VIDEO: Moala on Spring So Far

Freshman offensive tackle Poasi Moala talks about his development in the offseason and what he still needs to improve on going forward...

Poasi Moala:

On his development this spring:
I feel like I've gotten a lot stronger with Sal's program and footwork wise.

On his weight:
Right now, I'm about 278, 275, in between. I've put on like 20 pounds since I've been here. I want to get to 290. Right now I'm making slow progress, but I'll get there. By fall, I'm trying to, but I don't want to rush that.

On running with the one's:
It feels good. It's a little hard playing on the left side, I've played on the right side my whole life, but the coaches want me to work on the left side so I have to get use to it, but it's a good experience.

On their goal for him this season:
Coach Klemm has talked to me about starting and trying to get me out there, but I just have to get stronger, gain some weight and get my technique down.

On if he's frustrated with the weight:
Weight, technique, I just have to be more technically sound in everything I do. It's going to be a battle.

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