FREE VIDEO: Ulbrich on Intensity

The linebacker coach Jeff Ulbrich says he wants to jump into the dust-ups at practice, talks more more on Zach Whitley, and trying to get the best players on the field...

On the intensity of practice:
I think it was good. Especially when you take the pads off, guys kind of relax a little bit. And it didn't feel like that was the case today, and that's a positive sign.

On skirmishes in practice:
It's a fine line. You want aggressive behavior and competition and when you have that, there are going to be little dustups and little scraps here and there, you just have to be careful about the next man in and we're learning that as we go.

On how he feels jumping in and pulling players apart:
It brings me back to my playing days. I kind of like it, maybe too much. The potential for someone hitting me. I grabbed Najee from behind and he was going to swing on me until he saw who it was. It was awesome.

On Zach Whitley:
Zach is a senior in high school right now. He should be at prom. He should be taking his high school girlfriend to the Sadie Hawkins dance. So there is a lot being thrown at him and we're trying to find a role for him. We'll see what the future holds for him. I'll say this, the kid is willing to work and he's got amazing athletic talent so I'm excited. I think he's more comfortable (inside). Our whole thing, I'm committed to getting the best 11 on the field and I think our whole staff is committed to that. We thought maybe he could compete outside and that might be the best situation for our defense. I don't know if that's true anymore. Like you said, I think he's a little more comfortable on the other side, and we'll leave him there and see how it turns out.

On if the light has gone on for Kenny Orjioke:
It's a process. It's a process for all these guys. It was a process for Anthony these past two years, every single practice and game he played. I don't think there is a moment that anyone arrives. He's got a great attitude and doing great work. And he's a great kid with a ton of potential. It will be fun to see him this year. I want to see more from everybody. It carries true for the entire defense. They're all capable of doing more, have special talent and unique potential so it's about pushing them every day and finding greatness.

On Ellis McCarthy:
He just gets better, he really does. He's a guy who wants to make the play every single time, and you love that. But sometimes you have to trust the man next to you a little more, and he's starting to commit to that and it's really exciting. A guy of his caliber and potential and skillset, when he figures that out, we're going to be hard to deal with as a group. A little bit of everything, but that's true for everybody. We're trying to be come defined in everything we do, effort and execution and it's a learning process right now.

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