VIDEO: Moreau on Development

Fabian Moreau talks about Mora's praise, whether he thought he'd rise this far this fast, and what the expectations are like for the secondary...

Fabian Moreau:

On Jim Mora saying he's a potential first rounder:
Im just worried about the next practice, trying to get better, put in the work, constantly trying to get better and improving my game.

On if he's shocked about his path to cornerback:
Not anymore. I had to get running back out of my head and erase that I ever played and start from scratch and learn to master the position, watch film and start at cornerback.

On his biggest adjustment at cornerback:
Playing backwards, I'm still working on that. Then just watching film, learning how the receiver lines up, his instincts and techniques and try to master that.

On which receiver on the team gives him the best lessons:
They're all good, all of them are working. I feel we have one of the best receiver groups in the nation. It's a joy to go against them every day. Devin Lucien, he's always good to go against, Kenny Walker came a long way, he's fast and everything you want. Eldridge Massington is going to be a good receiver for us, getting the deep balls. Jordan Payton, I feel he's one of the best receivers in the country.

On if its frustrating to go against some of the receivers when they make great plays against great defense:
Oh yeah, it's frustrating, but you just have to work on those and make a play the next time.

On when he developed the cornerback mindset:
Last year when I realized I'm not going back to running back. I realized if I want to play, I have to be a corner, and do my job every day.

On if he held out hope he'd play running back again:
Nah, I lost all hope for that. Last year when I started my first game, I realized I was a corner forever.

On his offseason focus:
My footwork, my technique. My backpedal,I came out here with Ish, Ish helps me, RG, AJ, every single day. Learning from them, watching film and working on my game. Coach Meat helped me become a corner, and I owe it all to him. Pushing me every day, I learned a lot from him. Just what to do I look for.

On who he's watched:
Over the past two months, Justin Gilbert, all the top corners to see if I can learn their game and master it.

On his weight:
202 right now and I'm just trying to stay at that weight. I came in at 180, 179. I feel pretty good and that my speed is still up there. I'm still working on my quickness to get quicker and faster. I'm 6-1.

On Ishmael Adams:
Ish is like a little pitbull. He's always hungry for competition and always competing and coming out to work and thats why he's a great player.

On the secondary being tougher:
Yeah, we came in with that mindset, we wanted to be tougher, we want to be one of the best secondaries in the nation. If we want to be the best, we have to come out here and win every rep and if we don't, that's a failure.

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