VIDEO: Mora on Monday

Jim Mora talked about the practice without pads Monday in an effor to clean up some things, and getting the team healthy enough to play a real game Saturday...

Opening statement:
A little bit of a different practice for us today, took the shoulder pads off and slowed it down and did a little more teaching. That's important for us to get that done, and clean up some things that had been lingering, more schematic, but we got out of it what we had planned. A little different but really productive.

On if they'll be out of pads the rest of the week:
I don't know. It's going to depend on our health. We're still waiting on a couple of guys. We have to get out work done, but fortunately we have a team that knows how to practice out of their pads. My goal is to get a lot of great work done this week, stay healthy, so we can have a real game on Saturday night. Right now, we only have five offensive lineman that are healthy, so we couldn't have a game, but the goal is to have ten of them so we can have a game.

On the importance of a good show on Saturday:
You always want to put on a good show for your fans, the people who come out and support your program. You always want to put on a good show for them. Our primary objective has to be the health of our football program, and our team understands that. We dont want to have our best game on Saturday, we want to be playing well in the fall. We appreciate that they're coming out and we appreciate that they're investing in this team. We want to put on a good show. It's a balance between getting great work, taking care of each other and having a great night for the fans.

On where Myles Jack has made the most impressive gains:
In the classroom. Myles is about a 3.4 GPA right now and came in here and has made the directors honor roll every quarter he's been here. Football wise, understanding the game and concepts. Last year at times, I think he was just playing football. He was just letting his instincts take over for him. Now he's understanding how he's supposed to fit, where he's supposed to drop, what's happening on the other side of the ball and how it's supposed to affect him. To me he's a more settled player right now.

On giving him a complete spring at linebacker:
He's a package player on offense, and we're not going to put in those packages until the season starts. He's not going to take a snap on offense in training camp, he won't take a snap on offense until game weeks. It's more important that he really comes to fully grasp that linebacker position. He's a natural athlete, I don't think we're going to have him pass protect a lot, it will be like, 'here's the ball, now go make something happen.'

On if he knows how many touches Myles will get this fall:
No, it's spring. Maybe none, you know? If Paul Perkins and Jordon James and Steven Manfro and Craig Lee and the incoming guys and Roosevelt Davis are playing well, then we won't play them at all.

On what injured guys they're waiting on:
John Lopez. Just waiting to see, he's had a little virus. He practiced Saturday but didn't feel well towards the end. If he's healthy, we'll have 10 linemen so we can play again So it's all on John Lopez. Nah, we'll figure something out. We want to have a good night for us and our fans.

On if there were things he would have changed last fall with Myles at running back:
Yeah, I wouldn't have started him at running back against Arizona State. I would have left him on defense. Even though we were down numbers at running back, I would have left him on defense against Arizona State. That was a poor decision on my part and I wish I had that bet. They went up and down the field on us. If he had been in there, we could have made it a little more difficult for them.

On having more receivers this year:
We run about 90 snaps a game, 80-90 snaps, with the way we play and the tempo we play, we need a lot of receivers and we need them al through. They can't play at that tempo every play so we need a lot of depth. It's not a problem, it's a luxury.

On specific things to clean up this week:
Offensively, we were working on pass pro and blitz pickup, defensively, some of our run fits, and then pass concepts, how we cover them. You saw we turned the music off. We wanted to hear things a bit of the communication. Little things, the details, and you really want to work details out. Tonight gave us a chance to step back and do that.

On Malcolm Bunche:
His conditioning is coming along. He's doing extra work with Coach Alosi in the weight room, making a lot of strides in there. He's only been with us four weeks now. I think over the course of the next three months, being in Sal's program, he's going to make great strides. We still don't know where we're going to play him, we'd like to play him at guard. Out of necessity right now, though, we're playing him at tackle. I think he's more natural as a guard. What I like about him is that he's more physical. Our offensive line has a violence to them. You appreciate when you watch them.

On Simon Goines:
I hope that we know about Simon certainly going into San Bernardino. He's doing well. He's moving and he's doing all his rehab and he's diligent with that. We need him back. We need him. I'm hoping by the start of training camp, he's ready to go. All these guys out right now, they're not big concerns. Most of them will be ready for San Bernardino and that's the goal.

On Alex Redmond's status for the Spring Game:
He won't participate Saturday. His hand is so bothersome and when he puts the club on, we worry about him developing bad habits so we'll hold him out for Saturday.

On hiring Mike Tuiasosopo:
He's great and he's got a tremendous personality and he has a great energy. He knows this conference, he's coached a lot of great defenses. He's still working his way through special teams, but in meetings, the players really respond to him well. He's got a toughness to him, a great sense of humor, a great personality. It's tough to fill Coach Ulbrich's shoes in the meeting room, but Tui is the right guy to do it and I think he's doing an excellent job. He's got Carson and those areas for recruiting. He's a good recruiter and he's got a lot of connections. He's got an engaging personality and it's hard not to like Tui when you talk to him and the players feel the same way. And he's got a lot of great knowledge. I knew Tui. This fall, he came through, and I spent a couple hours. I love the Tuiasosopo family and my dad recruited Manu. They run deep so I kind of know them all.

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