Monday Practice Report

Monday's practice was a bit of a light one as the team spent most of the day going through half-speed instruction periods....

Monday's practice was an extremely instruction-heavy affair with little full speed action, so this will be a bit of an abbreviated report. As Jim Mora noted after practice, they spent time installing and teaching various schematic aspects of the offense and defense. It actually looked a bit like game week, with the first string offense going against the third string defense, and vice versa on the other field.

When the team did finally drop into some skeleton work, Jerry Neuheisel got the lion's share of the reps, and looked pretty good. He threaded a nice corner route to Tyler Scott at one point, and only missed on two of his eight or nine passes. Fabian Moreau had a nice pass breakup during the period as well. Moreau's most impressive feat, though, might have been running with Kenny Walker down the sideline later in the period.

The first string offensive line was similar to the one it's been most of the spring, but since the day was non-contact, Alex Redmond got some work at right guard. From right to left it was Malcolm Bunche, Redmond, Jake Brendel, Scott Quessenberry, and Caleb Benenoch. On the defensive side of the ball, Priest Willis worked in with the first string rather than Tahaan Goodman, which put Anthony Jefferson back in the deep safety role. Otherwise, the defense was much the same as it has been.

Ellis McCarthy had a nice athletic play during the half-speed defense vs. offense drills, picking off a throw by Mike Fafaul right at the line of scrimmage. Otherwise, those periods were mostly just walkthrough speed, with little real action.

Something to note: just watching Nate Iese, you can see how much of a coordinated athlete he is. At one point, he ran down an errant ball and launched a perfect spiral with velocity back to the quarterback area during individual drills.

Prior to practice, Brett Hundley and Myles Jack met with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Pauley Pavilion, since there appeared to be a donor function going on. Many Serra recruits were in attendance at practice, and they were reportedly impressed to see Abdul-Jabbar in attendance for the early moments of practice. Petros and Money also hosted their radio show from practice, and interviewed Jim Mora.

Ishmael Adams and Randall Goforth, as you might expect, lined up as the two punt returners during the special teams walkthrough.

There were plenty of recruits in attendance, and we have the full list up on the message board. John Houston spent a good deal of time talking to Jeff Ulbrich at the end of practice, while Breland Brandt got significant attention from Jim Mora during and after practice. Brandt has been to at least five practices so far, and seems to be really invested in the outside linebacker drills.

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