VIDEO: Jack Not a Back

Myles Jack talks about why he doesn't want to play running back, what Coach Polamalu's pitch to him has been, and what he'll do if Maurice Jones-Drew tells him he should play running back...

Myles Jack:

On staying at linebacker:
It's definitely my decision. The running back thing just kind of happened, I kind of fell into it, but it worked like a charm. The O-Lin, me finding holes, it kind of happened. But I was recruited here to play linebacker, and that's what I do and that's my job. The running backs have their job too. If they need me this year where something happens and I have to get in, then I'll definitely do it and I'll be quite happy to.

On how often people ask him about running back:
It's definitely a trendy topic right now when people see me, they ask me about running back. But my job is linebacker and that's my job until I'm told otherwise. We have some talented running backs, three of them coming back along with Craig Lee. We have backs that are good. It wont be a drop off. I'll stick to playing linebacker.

On how much Kennedy Polamalu bothers him about running back:
He was in my ear today. I was holding a ball while they were doing punts, and he was like, 'you know, if you want to switch...' Coach Polamalu is on it, even when Coach Mora tells him to stop, he keeps recruiting me to play running back. He really wants me to. He said Maurice Jones-Drew will be at the spring game and that will be some good inspiration to move me to running back. Coach Polamalu wants me to play running back. I just laugh because he thinks so highly of me, the backs that he coached. Even, I hate to say it, the USC backs he coached, they were phenomenal backs and he thinks I can be one of those running backs, so I can't do anything but take it in stride. I consider it, but I'm a linebacker. When my time comes, if it comes, I'm a linebacker. I'd definitely use his coaching to become one of those backs.

On why he likes linebacker more:
I like tackling people more than being hit. Having guys come in at different angles. At running back, I'm just running scared, running away from everyone, trying not to get pulled down. So that's really my thing. I'd rather just tackle people than have people come at my legs. There wasn't a traumatic experience, it just was always my deal. Guys coming in at full speed, trying to hit you. I'd just rather be on the other side and hit them where they can't see me.

On if he'd rather be their traumatic experience:
Right, for sure.

On what he'd do if Maurice Jones-Drew tells him he should play running back:
Man. I can't turn Maurice Jones-Drew down. I'd let him know I'd be playing running back and I guess I'd do both ways. If he really believes I can do it, as an NFL running back, I'd have to play both ways this year.

On working with Mike Tuiasosopo:
I've been back and forth, working in nickel with Coach Brick, but in the beginning, I was with Coach Tui. Mainly in Okie stuff, 3-4 stuff, we were working on hand stuff. I've been working with him and going in the office with him and pick his brain on things. He's a cool coach and straight up. He'll tell you what you're doing wrong and right. He's looking out for your best interest. He won't scream at you. He'll tell you what you need for the next level. He's taught me hand placement, have a move in mind, and it's a reaction, and get to the quarterback. His mindset is just go and get to the quarterback.

On his wisdom teeth:
Man, that was rough. I'm still dealing with that. I bit into a chip and I was done eating. It's definitely rough with the whole wisdom tooth. But I'm 95%. It happened last week, Monday. I woke up and had a lump, Tuesday it was unbearable. Wednesday they took me in and Thursday they pulled the tooth.

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