VIDEO: Odighizuwa Shaking Off Rust

Owamagbe Odighizuwa talks about his health, whether he's shaken off all the rust from his long layoff, and whether he's adding any wrinkles to his game...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa:

On his hips:
It feels really good. The first week was getting used to football movements and moving at a high level. It aches a little, like when I got back in the winter program. But after while, it was ok and it feels good now.

On doing more edge rushing standing up:
It's something I talked with Coach Brick and Coach Angus, whether I'll be standing up. I've been fooling around with it this spring and it's helping me a lot. I'm still debating which one is better.

On dropping into coverage:
It was awesome, but just schematic. Sometimes I'll drop, sometimes I'll rush. Coaches are fooling around with some things, so I'm just embracing it. It's simple, obviously I'm not a full time dropper. It was fun and a good look. Just pass-rushing though, not a stopper.

On if his technique is getting back:
I'm feeling good and getting back. Coach Angus has been telling me I'm playing great and finishing spring ball on a great note, and I haven't taken a step back.

On playing next to Kenny Clark:
It's awesome. He's having himself a great spring and that's helping the defensive line out, me out and the defense out. He's ready to have a great year. It's awesome playing next to him. He's a big guy, plays physical and square.

On having a full spring game personally:
It would help me a lot. It would help me from the standpoint of getting my routine that I've always done, and getting into the flow of things with my team. I'm excited for it and another step I take before I go into the summer.

On his routine:
I always go into the locker room, take a hot shower, stretch, warmup, take a couple laps around the field. Listen to music, get into the zone. Things like that. The music varies. It's either the music my teammates are listening to or it's Rick Ross, Wale, some hip-hop, some rap.

On if he learned to appreciate the small things when he couldn't do them last year:
Absolutely. Just last year, watching my teammates when they got ready for the game and not being able to do that, it just helped me put things in perspective. When you do it, it's routine but you don't appreciate how special that is, so for me, sitting out and watching those things, helped me a ton and helped me soak in the moment.

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