VIDEO: Brendel on Line Health

Jake Brendel talks about the overall health of the offensive line, how Malcolm Bunche has adapted to multiple roles, and how it feels to go up against Kenny Clark every day...

Jake Brendel:

On Malcolm Bunche:
Bunche is really powerful. He's coming from Miami, that doesn't run as fast of an offensive scheme as us, but at the same time, he's really good in pass pro, and just needs to work on some stuff in the run. But he's really powerful in what he does.

On the line changing:
It's really, I don't see a change. He brings what he does. He's a really good player.

On going against Kenny Clark:
We have a little agreement. He goes as hard as he can go, I go as hard as I can go, just to make each other better. He's by far one of the best noses I've ever gone before in my life. Having that tool to go against every single day is fantastic for me. He'll catch me on a little mistake and I'll dump him sometime when he makes a mistake. It's all in good fun.

On what makes him so tough:
He has good leverage and a sense of real leverage. He shoots his hands inside and he plays the snaphand well. He plays more like an NFL nose, he's really refined with his hands, and knows where to place them. He doesn't really get tired. For someone that dominant who can get his hands inside, it's really tough.

On the offensive line having to take more reps this season:
Yeah, we're kind of used to that the past couple of years. We just have to keep it going and keep working with the guys we have. We can't really worry about the injuries that we've got and keep going. It's not too bad in spring. We've been worse.

On the offensive line being better than they have:
That's the goal. We always try and just take steps forward, every single year. We want to set a goal and set a bar, but then keep resetting it. I think with this coaching staff, we've made strides with the offensive line.

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