VIDEO: Ulbrich Talks Defense

Jeff Ulbrich talks about what form his defense will take, how Priest Willis has looked through the last two weeks, and more...

Jeff Ulbrich:

On his impression of Mike Tuiasosopo:
I love him.  He brings a ton of energy.  Off the field and in the meeting rooms.  He brings a whole level of perspective and insight, especially with his experience with the line and front seven.  Giving us some small wrinkles and adjustments that will be very successful for us.  A little bit of pass rush, playing the run, alignment, technique, a little bit of everything.  It's been pretty cool.

On what he's seen from Priest Willis:
I see a kid that's maturing and growing up. When he got here, it was big, as it is for most freshman.  But I think the game is starting to slow down, he's understanding the playbook, absorbing the technique that is being taught by Coach Meat.  He's becoming a guy.

On what he would consider the base defense:
I don't know, it really depends on the team we're playing and depends on our injuries and who the best 11 are at the end of the day.  We've been pushed into a nickel world lately because of the injuries and the lack of depth at the linebacker position.  But we'll see. We're an evolving defense right now and we'll play more than 11 obviously but we'll play more than 11.  I'm not going to put myself into this 4-2-5 world or a 3-4 guy, I'm going to let the players dictate where we go.

On Ishmael Adams:
He's been a heck of a guy. Doing a heck of a job.  He's probably had one of the best camps of the defensive players.  He's a scrapper, football savvy, high football IQ, for what he doesn't have in the measurables, he over comes in his mind and does a great job for us.

On how much they'll use Owa as a pass-rusher:
We're going to give Owa an opportunity to be successful and hopefully have an opportunity for a future, because he's a guy who's worthy of that, been out here, busting his butt.  I'm excited to see that.

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