VIDEO: Willis on First Year

Priest Willis goes in depth about his loss of confidence during his freshman year and what position he feels best suits him...

Priest Willis:

On spring football so far:
I feel like it's been good. Every day I learn something new. I work on something, whether it's off coverage, one hand jam, quick step. I feel like spring was a big learning coverage and i feel like it's slowing down and I'm adjusting to it.

On his freshman year:
It wasn't the year I wanted and I wasn't happy about it. Everyone learns differently. You can't just be Myles Jack. Sometimes people learn much slower. It was a process for me and the coaching staff understood that. Learning-wise it was big me for me, even with the time on the field. It made me hungrier and made me wanted to get better. I played safety my senior year, the more I talked with Coach Meat and other DBs, it built my confidence better.

On being a cornerback at UCLA:
When I got to camp, I lined up at corner. I knew I wasn't the best at it, but every day I worked better at it. I wanted to play safety, I thought let me learn corner. It was slow for me at first, but it's how you finish and when I get on the field I want to make a difference. I like corner actually. I wouldn't care if I played safety. If I'm in the secondary, I want to help. If that's at safety, if that's at corner, wherever they have a need for me.

On what he's learned:
Always finish, never give up, never lose your confidence. No matter what circumstance. Always line back up with the same mindset that you don't make the same mistake. It's confidence. Never lose confidence, and my freshman year I lost it. The more and more I'm on the field, every rep I win, it's confidence. It's breaking down the film. This year I kind of know what I did wrong.

On how he rebuilt his confidence:
It was film, honestly, where I had rough practices, or rough games, knowing what I did wrong when I sat with Coach Meat, or Randall or Ish. The more repetition I have, the more confidence I have.

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