VIDEO: Adams on Spring Performance

Ishmael Adams talks about his nickel role in the defense, his physicality this spring, and how eager he is for the season to start...

Ishmael Adams:

On his spring:
Just focusing on the details. The coaches have been real big on the details. Carrying out your responsibilities, getting to the ball. At the end of the day, we want the ball back and want to keep them out of the end zone. If you take care of what you do, everyone else will take care of what they do.

On the receivers saying he's irritating:
It's been more on myself. The technique has gotten better. I've been real big on handling one technique and doing a great job. Going into the fall, I'll be doing more. It's always my go to. Getting good hands on receivers which is real challenging for them, and that's been the biggest thing. And then I'm 5-8, it's always annoying when you have a smaller guy on you and you can't do anything about it.

On the nickel role:
I feel very comfortable. I was in it last year all season and it was fun. This year, I have a feel for it. It always changes week to week going against different teams. Now I'm more detailed on what teams are trying to do to me. And it's closer to the ball. I like the interaction with the corners and safeties.

On the kick returner role:
It's a little annoying because it's so far from the season, but you have to get ready to catch it and focus it. I'm working with Coach Foster to know how different kicks are and the spin and how different a left footer kicks it an a right footer. He's been working on that. Also the schemes and what role I can put on. I'm anxious to get out there more.

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