VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Head coach Jim Mora talks about the format for the spring game, which quarterbacks will be starting, and the value of a live spring game...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
We came out today and did a little walkthrough of our pregame and then we split the teams up and they had their practices. We're ready to go for Saturday night and it should be good. It will be a game. Only difference will be the kicking part of it will not be live. The returning. Everything will be live except when we punt, we'll fair catch it. Everything is live. I like to avoid those types of collisions. Other than that, it's a game and we're looking forward to it, i think it should be a good show. Jeff Ulbrich is coaching one team and Noel is coaching the other and I'll help the officials blow the whistles. The quarterbacks will not be live, they'll be in red. I think it should be a good experience for our players and our fans too. They'll get to see some good football. Now BS, just ball.

On if there is any value in game prep for doing it live:
No, not really. Our practices, we get a lot out of them. We're not going to take anything from it on how to prepare for a game, because we're not doing any game prep. It's a modified pregame, but it gives us a chance to compete one more time. Like I said, it's good for our fans to see it, the other people can see it, there should be a lot of energy in it, it should be a good crowd. I've heard there will be a good crowd. We just want them to come out and watch out guys play football.

On if he's got a starting quarterback:
For the blue team, Brett Hundley, for the white team, Asiantii Woulard.

On if someone gets within two feet of Hundley during the game:
He gets hit out here. I don't worry about that too much, he needs to get used to that, I just don't want to see him in the ground.

On if there have been any position battles that have come into view:
Yeah, there have been some position battles. Every position is up for grabs. It's all about competition. We change it daily. I think sometimes you see it a lot differently than we see it. We go back and watch the film. There are some people that people think are on fire, but they're not on fire. They're smoldering. And vice versa. There are some guys people think are struggling and they're on fire. It's a chance for guys to see where they are on the team. Create competition. It's been a really physical spring and a productive spring. We've gotten a ton accomplished. I think there is a great energy on this team. I'm excited about where we are right now. I want to stay healthy and put on a good show where our fans can come out and see some good physical.

On any things he's noticed different this spring from last spring:
They know what to do. They understand our concepts a lot better, it's been much more physical, violent and competitive. Every play is a battle, no easy plays. I see the young guys growing up and making strides. I like where we're at and it's been by far the best spring of the three I've had. By far. In terms of competitiveness. We're a violent football team. I get nervous sometimes when we're after each other, but I like it, I like it a lot. It will help us improve.

On Caleb Benenoch's status for Saturday:
Caleb will play. We'll actually have 11 offensive lineman. Now during the game, there could be some guys who have to spring, so we'll bring both sets of jersey. Hopefully that's not the case. If guys get nicked and we have to move someone.

On the game plan:
It will be 12 minutes running clock. Clock will stop at change of possession. Seven minute halftime. We're going to do a 45-minute autograph session before the game. That's not as long as we'd like to do, because we have to get ready for the game. But it made sense to do it before the game, when people just flood the field. I know there is a lot of requests for Myles and Brett, and probably specifically Brett. When Brett comes out of the game, we'll have him call some plays and get a rythym going, I think that will be good for him, but when he's not doing that, I'll let him move around and sign some autograph. We don't want to leave anybody out. Myles will be playing the whole game, but he'll be here another three years, at least I hope another three years, so hopefully they'll get to see him.

On if there is a position he'll look at close in the game:
No. I thin when you split up the team the way we are, there is some unfamiliarity with guys working with each other. I don't think it's necessarily an evaluation. We'll watch certain players, but it's a chance to compete, put on a good show. There isn't a specific battle. I think it's the body of work over 15 practices, more than one spring game in an unfamiliar environment.

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