VIDEO: Woulard on Spring

Asiantii Woulard talks about the ups and downs of spring, what he needs to improve, and what he thinks about the coming competition for Brett Hundley's job next spring...

Asiantii Woulard:

NOTE: Bruin Report Online did not ask the question about Josh Rosen.

On the spring overall:
It had some ups and downs. I learned a lot, every day came out and learned something new. The coaches were great. It was up and down, but I learned a lot.

On what he still needs to improve on:
Just execution and grtting better, and being able to play fast and reacting. And be able to execute and run off smooth.

On if he had a point he realized he still needed to grow:
I knew that coming in, before I even reported to UCLA. I came here and did somethings well, but I hadn't been playing the position too long. There was no point where I was like 'I'm ready'. I still am coming out here every day and getting better and I realize there are still some things I need to learn before stepping in as the starter.

On any specific things he needed to work on:
Nothing specific, it's just about stepping in, playing fast and executing and reacting.

On leading a team in the Spring Game:
Great opportunity and I'm looking forward to it. It's not like the actual game day where you're filling up the Rose Bowl and playing a different team, but it's definitely an opportunity to play in front of a lot of people, and on somewhat of a national stage and lead the guys on the field.

On if he felt like he got into a rut:
Nah, it's just every day we learn something new and its putting things together. Some days I learn something and do it well, another day, something else. It's about putting the pieces together.

On if he's gotten any clarity on the backup role:
That's beyond my control. I'm just out here every day improving and better myself as a quarterback.

On concern about Josh Rosen (NOTE- question was NOT asked by BRO staff):
Nah, not at all. I can't focus on the future right now, and improving my game day by day. Helping out where I can help out. I can't look too far into the future. I spoke to him (Josh Rosen), we talk a lot. He's a great guy, he comes to campus and I talk to him a lot. I love competition. He'll come in and compete just like I will.

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