UCLA, Mora to Honor Special Guest Saturday

9-year-old Dominic Cumo, the world's youngest to have Lou Gehrig's Disease, will be an honored guest at UCLA's Spring Game Saturday...

This comes from a BRO message board poster, uclaone1:

I appreciate Tracy letting me use this forum to make a big difference in Dominic Cumos's life.

Because of BROs, Jim Mora learned about Dominic yesterday and tweeted this:

Jim Mora
? @ UCLACoachMora

You talk about humbling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4WfqYvnBdI This young man will be a guest of honor Saturday at the Spring Game

Mora showed the video of Dominic to the team this morning. He said the team is "going to love him up!"

Mora has arranged for Dominic to:

-- be Honorary team Captain for the game
-- be joined by Brett Hundley for the coin toss at midfield
-- receive a Hundley jersey made for him
-- get his choice of field passes for the game or a location in a suite

I though a background video will show the kid many will have the opportunity to meet and be affected by as a result on Saturday.


My first interaction with Dom is from a story involving his missing dog in the desert. This is a touching story with a good ending (Please note that Dom always refers to people with sir or ma'am).

Dom will be in full UCLA gear Saturday.

Some background: Dom is 9 years old and the youngest person in the world with Lou Gehrig's Disease. The job of the dog (Kipper), a shizu, is to notify Dominick's parents if he stops breathing, and has the ability to know this before the machines do!

It doesn't take long to realize that this kid smiles 24/7. His dad is a UCLA alum and as a result Dom is a diehard Bruin. The disease will end up taking his voice shortly but he still managed to make a video giving props to Coach Mora.


He has give Mora a new moniker..."Best Black Belt Extreme Coach of Coaches."

I want to thank all the BROs, too, who jumped into action yesterday after my first post. Here's the link to the original post from yesterday and the reaction from all the BROs.

Anyway, again massive thanks to all on this board.

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