Five Players to Watch on Saturday

Saturday's spring game should be a fun one to watch, giving UCLA fans the first opportunity to see Woulard starting a game, Benenoch starting at left tackle, and more...

1. Asiantii Woulard

Jim Mora announced yesterday that Asiantii Woulard will be starting for one of the teams on Saturday, which should be exciting for Bruin fans. This will be the first opportunity for many people to see how the freshman quarterback performs in "live" game situations, and should give people an idea of where he stands in his development. As someone who has watched every one of his practices the past year, it'll still be my first opportunity to see him perform in front of a crowd, and I'm interested to see if he's the type of guy who plays better when the lights are on, so to speak. One of Woulard's main issues at the moment is his tendency to overthink, and if he has a good spring game tomorrow, it could be the kind of moment that pushes him over the wall.

2. Caleb Benenoch

Benenoch has been one of the top performers this spring, despite hyperextending his knee last week. His body has transformed since last year, and the increased mobility that has afforded him has allowed him to make the transition to left tackle from right fairly seamlessly. The first thing we want to see on Saturday is how much Benenoch plays — he's been limited for the last few practices as the team has been trying to rest his knee. Second, if he does play, we want to see how effective he is against guys like Kenny Orjioke when everyone is going full speed. It should be fun to watch.

3. Tahaan Goodman

Goodman was one of the defensive stars through the first two or three weeks of camp, and was consistently one of the five starters in the defensive backfield in UCLA's nickel formation. Over the last week, Priest Willis has been getting most of those starter reps, though, and Goodman has been relegated to the second string. Still, he's performed well, and it'll be interesting to see if he's able to have the same kind of impact on the spring game that he's had on various 11 on 11 scrimmages throughout practice.

4. Mossi Johnson

Johnson was probably the breakout player of spring, looking like a potential weapon as early as this year from the backup Y receiver spot. Despite wearing a knee brace all spring, he was able to consistently find openings in the defense and get open on crossing patterns over the middle. His quickness and speed did not seem to be inhibited by the knee brace, but it's going to be very interesting to see what he looks like when it's off come San Bernardino. He's become one of Brett Hundley's favorite receivers, so it'll be fun to see if that translates to more of a game situation on Saturday when Johnson will get the start (with Thomas Duarte nursing the ankle sprain).

5. Kenny Orjioke

Orjioke had a good spring, and at a few different points, it looked like the light was finally turning on. His main issue throughout the last two years has been getting too amped up and taking himself out of plays, but it seemed that he's starting to slow down a bit, perhaps realizing that he has the athletic gifts to get past virtually anyone he's lined up against. Saturday, he'll be matched up against the first string offensive line, which will likely mean a steady diet of Caleb Benenoch to deal with. If you were going to focus on one fun offensive line/defensive line matchup, that'd probably be the one.

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