VIDEO: Mora After Spring Game

Head Coach Jim Mora answered questions after the Spring Game Saturday, about some players that flashed to him, Brett Hundley, Owa, and more...

Opening Statement:
We got a lot of work done, good crowd, stayed healthy. I thought all the quarterbacks got work done, looked good at times, struggled at times. I thought it was a productive night for us.

On how Hundley did calling plays:
I'll have to look at it, see the tape, but I think it was good for him to call the plays. It gives him a different perspective of what the game is like. Forced him to look at it in a different way that I think will help him make decisions in a game. I think it was a really smart move on Noel's part to have him call plays. Down the road it will help him.

On Kenny Orjioke's absence:
There was a specific reason, but our business, is our business is our business and no one is going to find out what it was.

On Owa's performance:
What I noticed, and i was standing back there, I told him that it seemed like he was getting stronger as the game went on. As much as I downplayed it, emotions get heightened and what you saw from Owa was as the game went on, he got better and better.

On replacing the pass rush:
You know who else I thought showed up was Ellis. I don't know if he got a lot of sacks, but there was a presence in the middle. There was a push. Deon Hollins showed up a little bit, not necessarily in sack numbers, but he was forcing the quarterback up a little bit. We had guys on the edge that forced the quarterbacks to step up in the pocket.

On Zach Vinci:
His motor, you see him, he goes hard all the time. His attitude, the way he approaches it every day. We're trying to find a spot for him. He looks like a guy. Keenan Graham surprised some of us last year. We think Vinci has the ability to do that. We'll just have to see that goes.

On pass protection:
Some perspective, we talk Owa's five sacks, you have to look at who he was rushing against. The one sack that Caleb gave up, the official is yelling at him to move up. That's not going to happen. I'm really impressed with the progress of our offensive line.

On the defense:
I see some guys really stepping up. To me, Isaac flashed tonight, Jayon Brown flashed tonight. I think our secondary plays with a tremendous amount of confidence. I think we'll good. I'm not going to put any limitations on them.

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