VIDEO: Hundley After Spring Game

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked after the Spring Game Saturday about calling plays, players that flashed to him, and his offensive line...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media Saturday.

On getting a different perspective:
Sort of now, creating the game plan, and then going off and calling plays and now attacking a defense. It will help me grow as a quarterback.

On Asiantii Woulard:
He looked good. I think all the quarterbacks looked good. There is still a lot of growth to be made, but I thought Asiantii looked good, he's got a lot of upside and will be a good quarterback for UCLA someday soon.

On Jerry Neuheisel:
Jerry played really well. He played both sides and did really well. He executed. I was talking to him all week. He played really well and I'm proud of him.

On the offensive line this spring:
They've done really well. It's gotten to the point where I don't really have to tell them much now.

On Jordan Payton:
I love Shaq as a receiver, but I'm nowhere concerned about our receiver. We have receivers with a lot of potential, Mossi, Eldridge, Jordan Payton, Devin Lucien, I could go on for days. We have a lot of receivers.

On who else flashed this spring:
I think Mossi really improved, and Eldridge Massington, to see him really out there, and Mossi out there, they showed so much improvement. There is a lot of development and the sky is the limit for them.

On if he prefers Malcolm Bunche inside or outside:
As long as he's on the offensive line, I'm perfectly fine. As long as he's not on the sideline.

On the atmosphere:
It was fun. This is just a different experience. This is what we do in practice every day. To do it in front of thousands of people, its a different atmosphere, but you have to bring it. I told the team, don't take it for more than it is, it's another day on the field, but more people will be watching. We'll watch the film and go back and cut it up.

On experimenting this spring:
Just footwork, some plays, reads, a lot of good successful things. A lot has turned out for the best.

On his biggest point of emphasis this spring:
Just growing as a quarterback, on the mental side of it. You can develop all the footwork, but when you know the game, it's so helpful.

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