VIDEO: Ulbrich Reviews Spring

Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich reviews the spring, expresses his disgust with losing his first game, and talks about the pass rush...

Jeff Ulbrich:

On his first loss:
Bitter. Miserable. I hate losing in ping pong. I hate when a guy pisses longer than I do when we're peeing next to each other. I don't like to lose. We'll learn. We got what we wanted to accomplish. I thought it was a great venue and just had a great feel to it. I loved we were closer to the city. It was a productive day.

On Owa:
Owa has been eager to do anything football related. He's special that way. He embraces every day. He's a guy I just can't wait to see do his things on Saturday's this fall. He's a guy who's paid the price, sitting out on Saturday's. Not that he didn't have the fire to begin with. But it definitely got him hungrier and he's poised to have a very special year with good health. He's a guy that, we're blessed on defense to have an offense that scores points and gets opportunites to rush the passer. Those guys will have the opportunity to get after the quarterback. He's so athletic that you think he can do everything. You try to find the limitations on what he's able to be doing. He's doing a good job with that. He can obviously rush and he's probably our best run defender. He's unique and we're going to squeeze every last bit of juice this spring.

On Myles Jack playing inside:
It's good progress. The outside is a little bit more, not saying it's less technical, but there is a little bit less feel to playing outside at the line of scrimmage. Playing behind the ball, there is a lot more going on. It takes a while to feel. He's a guy with so much versatility, it's a waste to have him just outside and just inside.

On Deon Hollins:
Deon's problem wasn't lack of development, it was his health. He would constantly have this aggravated hip. Finally, he's starting to get healthy. He's a terror, off the edge. Talk about having a role on our defense, he's one of those guys. He's got uncommon ability to rush the edge and a crazy first step, a scary first step.

On if he feels better about the pass rush:
Maybe a little better when you lose your top three rushers in Keenan Graham, Cassius Marsh and Anthony Barr. I think with Owa coming on, Deon getting healthy, Kenny showing some flashes, Eddie will provide something inside at the 3-tech, we have a lot of weapons I'm excited about it. On Kenny Clark:
I'll say this about Kenny Clark because he's one of the few mature enough who can handle this, but he's one of the best football players on this team. Not just the defense, but on this team. He's a guy that just, the physical talent is a small component. He has mental strength and toughness and embodies those at the highest level. Every defense to me starts up front and there is no better guy to build this around then him. The fact that he's so young excites me.

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