VIDEO: Jack on Inside Linebacker

Myles Jack talks about playing exclusively at inside linebacker on Saturday and whether he'd be comfortable doing that full-time in the fall...

Myles Jack:

On being out in the spring game:
It felt great being in an environment like this, a game like environment. We play against our teammates, but it was like a game, so it felt great to get that pregame before it starts.

On playing at full speed:
I was trying to make a statement defensively. I knew it was going to be on TV and my mom was here so I tried to make some plays. I knew we didn't have a lot of depth so I knew I had to make some plays.

On if he feels the defense has improved:
On the blue and white squad, you saw us making plays. Our offense will score, but I feel like the defense will be one of the better ones in the nation. I'm excited for the season.

On Owa:
He was a monster out there. He had three sacks? Five? Wow. He made some touchdown saving tackles. Owa is the man, it's great having him this year. I missed out on it last year.

On playing more inside linebacker:
We went more nickel, so I was playing more inside. The whole spring I had time to focus on that. We decided more on nickel, so I had to work on my eyes, reading guards and understanding plays. It paid off, I showed more patience and more confident. There were games I played more inside. Its helped me a lot. If Coach Brick, that's what he wants to roll with, I'm good. I doubt we will, but I can roll with the best of them.

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