UCLA on Florida RB the Hardest

The 5-11, 185-pound running back/track star from Florida, T.J. Simmons, says he's still just entertaining programs, since so many new ones have started to recruit him...

With spring ball in full swing, T.J. Simmons is salivating over what lies ahead for him during his senior season in 2014. The always good-spirited Simmons is just soaking in everything about the senior year that is around the corner.

"It's my senior year," he said with his huge smile. "It's my last spring that I am going to have fun with my guys, enjoy it all, just have fun with being in high school."

Behind Simmons and quarterback Christian Alexander, the Lions have won their fair share of games and have done so by lighting up the scoreboard. They have some new players on the roster this year that mean even more points are coming. Simmons really can't wait.

"We are going to be pretty solid," he said. "We have a lot of new players, some transfers in. The main thing is to take it a day at a time and we should be great."

When you talk to Simmons, the 5-11, 185-pound running back/track star, you get the sense that nothing really bothers him. On a practice day that had at least four college coaches on hand, Simmons says he likes getting to know all the new faces of the college guys.

"Recruiting is going good," he said. "It is always fun with the college coaches come in and make new relationships with new coaches."

He says a school on the West coast might be recruiting the hardest right now.

"Probably right now it is UCLA," he said of how hard the Bruins, who just offered in March. "Also Florida is there and Ohio State. Mainly those three recruit me the hardest. UCLA sends me letters, emails, and coach always wants me to contact them. I learn more and more every day about their program. They are a school that hasn't won a lot of national championships and I think I can go in there and make a difference."

Florida is one of the schools that was on Simmons early, having offered him a year ago, and it is a program that he knows a lot about. But after Florida's season in 2013, there is that bit of uncertainty that has him hesitant in taking any kind of plunge with the Gators.

"My thoughts are still the same with Florida," he said. "I am just waiting to see how they do this season. I want to get a chance to go up there and talk to the players and see how it goes. I want to take my time with the schools, because it will be a business decision. I would be there for four years… I just have to see how it goes.

Florida does have it advantages for Simmons.

"Florida has a lot of things to offer. They are about two hours away from my house. A lot of my friends, teammates, and my family can come watch me play. Coach Muschamp knows the game. Another running back from my area is there, Adam Lane. It will be a great opportunity to play with guys I know. It is the SEC and it doesn't get any better than that."

The Gators are recruiting Simmons hard convincing him to get to campus numerous times in the last year.

Simmons says that he is still open in the process now and listening to everyone. He is a little bit away from cutting some teams off.

"I think I might narrow it down sometime around November. It will be a while," he said. "I am pretty wide open and listening to what every coach has to say. I am taking it all in and will get a chance to visit some schools over the summer and see where it goes."

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