Williams Earns UCLA Offer

2016 Fort Worth (Tex.) All Saints Episcopal defensive lineman Mike Williams picked up six offers this week, including one from UCLA and Adrian Klemm...

For Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints Episcopal 2016 defensive lineman Mike Williams, the chance to play college ball was always in his thoughts.

Even though he's only coming off of his sophomore season, Williams was starting to worry about the fact that no offers had come his way.

The past week has changed everything.

It started when UCLA and Kansas State both extended an offer to Williams last Thursday.

"I think I almost cried. I immediately called my mom. I was so happy about it. I had been stressing about it, wondering if I was going to get to go to college. It feels really good," he said.

His offer from the Bruins came from area recruiter Adrian Klemm, who saw something special in Williams.

"When he was down here, he told me he thought there were two of [Ohio State signee] Demetrius Knox. And then he told me he'd try to take me to the offensive line," he said with a laugh.

Things haven't slowed down for the 6-foot-3, 280-pound prospect, as he's also picked up offers from Michigan, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, and SMU, and has had other coaches by the school, including Baylor and Columbia on Wednesday.

"Baylor said they like me. They told me if I had worked some defensive line stuff today, they might have offered me, but they want me to come to the camp. As far as other in-state schools, I haven't heard from TCU, but SMU is showing me a lot of love," he said.

How is Williams handling the sudden burst of attention?

"It's been crazy. It just motivates me to pick up more offers. I'd love to hear more from big programs like Florida State, Texas, and Alabama. I'm just having fun with it," he said.

Interestingly enough, the athlete says that growing up, his two favorite programs were Ohio State and North Carolina.

"I liked the way Ohio State played back when Jim Tressel was there and I still like the way the play under Urban Meyer. And with UNC, my dad used to wear their colors and plus they produce a lot of good defensive linemen," he said.

Williams plans to "bounce around" the camp circuit this summer, noting that he'll likely attend camps at Texas Tech, Baylor, and Oklahoma. He's also eager to show more coaches that he has what it takes to dominate on the college defensive line.

"I'm going to bring power and speed. I'm not going to quit on the team. I''m going to get better every play and learn. I'm going to be able to play every game and do everything for them," he said.

Projecting himself as a defensive tackle at the next level, Williams says he brings a unique combination to the position.

"I'm big, but I'm not slow, and I think that's the best thing. You don't want to be too slow to where you can't move and these little guys are running around you. I like fighting bigger guys up in there. It's just fun," he said.

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