The Realistic and Reasonable 2015 Class

We've gone over what a dream class could look like for the 2015 cycle, but here's a look at what it could look like if things don't break UCLA's way perfectly...

Despite the loss of Jaason Lewis last night, who decommitted from UCLA, Jim Mora's 2014 recruiting class is shaping up to be a very good one, with two five-stars already committed in Josh Rosen and Alize Jones, in addition to four-stars Tevita Halalilo and L.J. Reed, and three-stars Bolu Olorunfunmi and Victor Alexander. With six commitments already, UCLA probably has another 10 to 13 scholarships to play with in this class, given the usual amount of attrition within the program.

Earlier this year, Tracy went through the realistic dream class on both offense and defense, and much of it still holds up. We'd say now that a realistic ideal class would look a bit more like this, with just a few changes from Tracy's version in February.

Realistic Dream Class

Kahlil McKenzie, DT,
Rasheem Green, DE,
Benning Potoae, DE,
Keisean Lucier-South, OLB,
Victor Alexander, ILB,
Osa Masina, OLB,
Dechaun Holiday, CB/S,
Iman Marshall, CB,
Marvell Tell, S,
Josh Rosen, QB,
Bolu Olorunfunmi, RB,
L.J. Reed, WR,
Cordell Broadus, WR,
Ryan Newsome, WR,
Alize Jones, Y,
Tevita Halalilo, OG,
Josh Wariboko, OG,
Drew Richmond, OT,
Andre James, OT,

That class would give the Bruins 6 five-stars, 11 four-stars, and 2 three-stars, and fill virtually every need on the roster. We should be clear: we do NOT expect this class to come to fruition. When we say this is the realistic dream class, we mean there's a decent chance that any one of these players might commit to the Bruins (in other words, we're not including Tim Settle). Expecting all of this group to commit, though, would be foolish. If UCLA got one of Kahlil McKenzie, Rasheem Green, or Iman Marshall, for example, there'd probably be a kegger in the Morgan Center.

So if that's the realistic "dream" class, then what's the actual, realistic class — the one where not everything goes right, and the players who are current leans elsewhere don't have a change of heart? Bear in mind — this isn't the wheels-came-off-and-the-oxen-died class. This lowered-expectations look is based on where guys are leaning right now, or where we could project them leaning if UCLA logically pivots to them after missing out on other prospects higher on the board.

Realistic and Reasonable Class

Josh Rosen.
Josh Rosen, QB,
Rosen is solidly committed, and even if he weren't, we would still list him here so as to avoid any rioting on our message board.

Bolu Olorunfunmi, RB,
With Lewis, who figured to be his main competition in this class at running back, now decommitted, Olorunfunmi should be even more solid than he already was. We know Kennedy Polamalu has made it clear to Olorunfunmi how much he thinks of him, so we think this commitment sticks until Signing Day.

L.J. Reed, WR,
Reed's commitment status could go either way. From what we know, he still has some work to do academically to be ensured of enrollment at UCLA. We're betting on him getting the work done by including him here, but there's a chance he doesn't as well.

Cordell Broadus, WR,
It's probably a good sign that Broadus' father held his youth 7on7 tournament on UCLA's campus at Spaulding Field, don't you think? From what we've heard, Broadus is a UCLA lean at this time, and with his good friend Rosen committed now, we'd have to peg him down as an eventual Bruin.

Alize Jones, Y,
Jones is one of the most interesting recruits in a while, completely shutting down the process after committing to UCLA. He doesn't answer phone calls, doesn't go to camps or 7on7s, and didn't even try out for The Opening at one of the Nike Camps. Since we have not only words but actions to go by, we'll say that Jones sticks to his guns and remains committed to UCLA throughout the process.

Tevita Halalilo, OG,
Halalilo committed in April, but was a longtime lean. Adrian Klemm has done a tremendous amount of work building a relationship with Halalilo, and the offensive lineman is a former teammate of current UCLA lineman Poasi Moala. We'd, again, be pretty surprised if he ended up anywhere but UCLA.

Semisi Uluave, OT,
UCLA is heading out to evaluate Uluave again this week, and we'd have to imagine he's a candidate if UCLA needs to pivot to another lineman if the Bruins end up striking out on the Andre James-Drew Richmond-Josh Wariboko triumvirate. This wouldn't even be a slam-dunk recruitment, since UCLA would have to contend with Oregon, Oklahoma, and others, but we have to figure if Klemm turned up the heat, he'd be able to snag him.

Zach Robertson, OG,
Robertson recently admitted that UCLA is his leader, although he backed off of that a bit when we spoke to him last week. Still, the thinking is that he's UCLA's to lose. In this scenario, with UCLA losing out on James, Wariboko, and Richmond, this one seems like a no-brainer.

Bar Milo.
Bar Milo, OT,
Milo came out to a spring practice, and there's some thought that if UCLA ended up offering, he'd commit shortly thereafter. Again, if UCLA loses out on their top tackle prospects, we could see the Bruins pivoting to Milo, who wouldn't be a bad pickup at all.

Vaimoe Sekona, DT,
As we went over a bit last Friday, UCLA may start to consider other defensive tackle options, with neither Kahlil McKenzie nor Tim Settle looking like particularly likely options. Sekona could be one of the next best realistic guys on the board.

Benning Potoae, DE
From what we've heard, UCLA could be the leader here, and we'd have to doubt that UCLA ends up pulling Rasheem Green.

Joseph Wicker, DE,
UCLA has yet to offer Wicker, but we know they've begun to recruit him a bit more heavily. We liked him quite a bit at the SoCal Nike Camp

Keisean Lucier-South, OLB,
Right now, Lucier-South has UCLA as his leader, and with the job that Taylor Mazzone and Jeff Ulbrich have done on him so far, we'd have to imagine the Bruins will earn a commitment from the talented edge rusher.

Kyahva Tezino, ILB,
Tezino has UCLA in his top four, and projects as a Jayon Brown-type linebacker in UCLA's system, with the ability to play in the box and in coverage. We think he could be a pickup for the Bruins if targets like Masina and Roquan Smith choose to go elsewhere, and Victor Alexander decides to stay closer to home.

Khaylan Thomas, ILB,
Thomas is another, like Tezino, who would have some versatility in UCLA's system, with very good athleticism.

Dechaun Holiday, CB/S,
UCLA is the leader here, according to the last we heard. Holiday has the versatility to play at virtually any spot in the defensive backfield, and his receiver film doesn't look bad either.

Ykili Ross, CB/WR,
UCLA may be in good shape here. As with Holiday, he has some versatility, and could play at either cornerback or slot receiver.

Quenton Meeks, CB,
Needing another defensive back, and with a guy like Isaiah Langley pretty consistently talking about UCLA's depth chart, we could see UCLA moving on a lower-level prospect later on in the cycle to fill out the defensive back depth.

That class would have 3 five-stars, 10 four-stars, and 5 three-stars — a very impressive haul, all things considered. Again, we think this is the reasonable, nothing-crazy class. To assign further context, this is our guess as to what the class could look like if the Bruins end up winning nine or ten games. If the Bruins do blow the roof off the season and end up winning the Pac-12, you could see the class take a shape much closer to that of our dream class up top.

It's an impressive thing to consider that even our realistic, lowered-expectations look at the class has UCLA signing 3 five-stars — more than UCLA signed in even the blockbuster 2013 class that finished third in the country. The job that Jim Mora and company have done so far in the 2015 class is extremely impressive, and if the Bruins end up with the breakthrough season that many are expecting, UCLA could sign one of its most highly-rated classes in history.

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