Chigbu Plans Summer Commitment

2015 three-star New Orleans (La.) Holy Cross wide receiver Michael Chigbu wants to end his recruitment this summer, and UCLA could be in the mix...

Michael Chigbu likes to lay low and keep to himself. He is not about the publicity that comes with being one of the top wide receivers in the country, but he knows he is wanted.

Many schools have offered, but a few are coming after him a little harder than the rest right now.

"Georgia, Duke, UCLA, and Texas A&M are coming at me very hard right now," said Chigbu. "Those are the schools that I am in the most communication with right now."

You have to wonder where those schools are on his list right now?

You have to keep wondering because he is not ready to share that list yet. He has not named a leader yet, but he is started to cut some schools.

"I have already shortened my list some in my mind." When asked who was on it, Chigbu said, "No comment."

You won't have to wait too much longer to find out who is on it and just who he commits to.

A decision is likely by the end of August.

"My goal is to commit before the season. It is very likely I will have it in August or at the latest, early in the season in September.

The coming months are big, very big for the 6-foot-2, 208 pound wide receiver out of New Orleans (La.) Holy Cross.

"This summer really decides where I go," said Chigbu. "I want to focus on my team, so I will be focused on recruiting this summer and making my decision. The visits I take will be very important."

Chigbu knows at least two schools he will definitely visit and they are only about an hour apart.

Both visits with happen in June.

"I like the area and the offense they run at Clemson. I heard the campus is very nice and I look forward to seeing it. I talk to Coach [Chad] Morris from Clemson and I like him too. They can score points there.

"I talk to Coach [Tony] Ball a lot and we have long conversations about football, how he can help me, and how I can improve my game. He is a great man, he is a great coach, and he seems very genuine. I feel I would be at home under him if I went to Georgia."

Chigbu said he could visit Arizona State, Notre Dame, and UCLA this summer as well.

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