Bruins Offer 2016 Linebacker

UCLA offered the elite 2016 linebacker from Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West, Caleb Kelly, this week and he talks about his recruitment...

Fresno (Calif.) Clovis West 2016 four-star linebacker Caleb Kelly (6-2.5, 212) will be in contention for the top linebacker in the region in his class.

Kelly was one of the elite underclassmen at the Oakland NFTC, and may have had the most upside of any of the linebackers there.

On Sunday, Kelly said that he thought UCLA could be the 13th school to give him an offer.

And sure enough, two days later, the four-star picked up an offer from the Bruins after Bruins defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich stopped by the Clovis West campus.

"UCLA offered me, my 13th offer and I feel very blessed and humbled," said Kelly. "They are becoming a great team. I had been talking to them and saw it coming but was very happy when they offered. Coach Ulbrich offered me. I had talked to Coach Taylor Mazzone before I talked to Coach Brick."

Kelly said he will likely get down to UCLA next month.

"I may go to their camp because it could be easy to go to their camp since they're closer than most," said Kelly.

With almost two years until he'll sign, Kelly said he's wide open to everyone.

"How I am with most schools is open, I'm considering everyone of them," said Kelly.

The Bruins joined Oklahoma, Alabama, Cal, USC, Fresno State, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, Miami and Florida in offering Kelly.

"It's been crazy how fast everything has come and how blessed I feel and how everything came as once. In like two weeks, I got 10 offers. Schools coming every day, it's just been a blessing," said Kelly.

Oklahoma was the first one to offer Kelly, again making their presence known in Fresno.

"That was a big one because they just one the Sugar Bowl and it's a good school," said Kelly. "Then Alabama offered and it was just like real crazy then."

Schools are recruiting Kelly as an outside linebacker, which is where he wants to play in college.

"The offers have all been for outside," said Kelly. "I like pass rushing but wherever is more comfortable, I can do inside too because I'm big enough, but I like outside, where I can cover the slot, drop into coverage, all that."

Kelly doesn't plan to make a decision until well into his senior year.

"I have a lot of time so I want to go through the process," said Kelly.

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