Hogg One of Nation's Best Shooters

Anytime D.J. Hogg (pronounced "Hogue") takes the floor, the shots are going to fly. And they are going to fly from deep. Hogg has established himself as one of the most prolific marksmen on Nike's EYBL circuit.

Not many players on the EYBL circuit shoot threes at a clip greater than 40 percent, and definitely few exist who stand 6-7 or taller. And that's what makes D.J. Hogg a potential impact player on the college level: He's a legitimate ace shooter who has ample wing and potentially even combo forward size.

Hogg actually has been somewhat hot and cold this spring, all the more evidence that he's a pure shooter. Most streaky guys land somewhere in the low to mid-30s in terms of percentage, but he presently stands at 41 percent from deep.

Although he doesn't put the ball on the floor as frequently as he might, Hogg actually is a solid athlete as well who possesses sufficient versatility not to be categorized as a designated shooter. He's also a fine passer and handler for the wing, enabling him to contribute as more than a scorer.

To take the next step, he'll need to gain strength, rebound more consistently, get to the foul line and focus on his defensive technique.

As it is, college coaches are keenly aware of his talents and have made firm overtures as summer approaches.

"Oh, I have a lot of offers," Hogg said. "Memphis was the newest one, and there's also Arizona, Baylor, UCLA, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas, Oregon, SMU, TCU, Houston, Iowa, Kansas State, Notre Dame, (Texas) A&M, Vanderbilt and Creighton."

Hogg listed Baylor, UCLA, Arizona, Texas, SMU, and Memphis as schools who were watching him during the spring.

The love doesn't end with offers, of course, as additional bluebloods are taking a look.

"Besides the offers, I have interest from North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Kansas, Ohio State and Alabama. They're all just telling me they just need to watch me play more."

Hogg added that, despite possessing arguably power forward size (at least for college), he prefers to play on the wing. His long-term, professional position almost definitely will be out there, so it follows that he'd want to dedicate himself to that role in college.

He also knows that he's not yet a complete player and wants to improve.

"I feel like I've had a good spring but know that I need to get to the rim more, too," he said.

Hogg currently ranks No. 30 in the Class of 2015 and will have an opportunity to earn postseason All-American honors next spring.

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