Wariboko Focused on Family

2015 four-star Oklahoma City (Okla.) Casady School offensive guard Josh Wariboko decommitted from Oklahoma last month and is now focused on finding a school where he can play alongside his younger brother...

Family is important for four-star offensive guard Josh Wariboko, but he's more interested in the future of it than the past.

Wariboko was faced with a dilemma in the last couple of months that few recruits have to deal with. An early commit to Oklahoma, Wariboko had family ties to the Sooners, with both of his parents having graduated from the university. On the flip side, Wariboko's younger brother, Max Wariboko, is also a well-regarded prospect at safety, but the younger did not receive an offer from the Sooners, and was unlikely to get one.

Josh Wariboko was faced with a choice: stick with his commitment to Oklahoma and honor his family's history, or pursue the opportunity to forge a new path to a university where he could play alongside his brother.

In the end, it wasn't too difficult a choice.

"Honestly, it was just the fact that I was not 100% committed to Oklahoma," Josh Wariboko said. "I wanted to explore the opportunity I have to play with my younger brother and really just evaluate all of the options we'll both have."

So far, the younger Wariboko has offers from three universities that are also recruiting his brother Josh: Tulsa, Louisville, and UCLA. Josh says that those three are standing out for that very reason.

"It's huge for me, "Josh said. "That really is what separates schools that are only offering me from schools that are offering both my brother and I. That's a big separating factor for them. It's a big priority for me to play with him in college."

Interestingly, despite being so family-oriented, Josh said it's not significant that he and his brother stay close to home, as long as they're together.

"No, distance isn't really a factor," Josh said. "My brother and I going to the same school would actually make it a little bit easier on them. We grew up in a family-oriented environment so family has always been the thing that will always be there."

Josh Wariboko.
UCLA has been on him heavily since he decommitted from Oklahoma, with UCLA offensive line coach Adrian Klemm touching in constantly.

"When I was committed to Oklahoma, Coach Klemm didn't really talk to me a whole lot just because I was committed," Josh said. " But then, after I decommitted, he called me and I talked to him for a good two hours. He liked my brother too, and so, a few days later, he came by my school and talked to me, and then offered my brother too. It's really cool, I've always liked UCLA."

Though Klemm has been the primary recruiter throughout the process, Wariboko said he expects to talk to much of the rest of the staff soon.

"He's getting the whole staff involved now," Wariboko said. "Originally it was Coach Klemm for the last few weeks or so, and we have really good chemistry so we've been talking a lot. But he's going to get Coach Mora and the offensive coordinator involved now too."

The Bruins are recruiting him primarily as a guard, but said he could play center as well. Wariboko actually played nine games of center this past year, and while he said it was definitely an adjustment, by the second or third week he was feeling much more comfortable snapping the ball.

Wariboko was actually in Los Angeles last month for a visit to USC. The Trojans have also recruited him fairly heavily, but they have yet to offer Wariboko's younger brother.

"When (USC) had the old staff, they offered me when I was committed to Oklahoma," Wariboko said. "And then when the new staff came in, right after that, Coach Drevno offered me, and so I've just been keeping in contact with him and talking to him."

Now that UCLA is on him heavily, and with the Trojans still in the mix, Wariboko said he'd like to make another trip out to Los Angeles this summer. While he's says he's wide open, he reiterated that the schools that have offered both of the brothers are separating themselves from the pack.

"Oregon, Clemson, and Texas Tech are all schools off the top of my head that could be offering my brother soon," Wariboko said. "There should be more too."

As of now, the only two official visits that he's fairly certain he'll take are to Oregon and UCLA. He wants to visit Oregon sometime earlier in the season, and has tentative plans to visit UCLA in November, but doesn't yet know the date. He does know that he wants to take as many of his visits as possible before making a decision.

"I'm thinking I'll make my decision after my season," Wariboko said. "I plan on taking all of my officials, and getting my brother to come along too at the same time."

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