Lee Making Position Switch

The move from receiver to quarterback could affect the West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade 2016 four-star, Dymond Lee, and his recruitment...

West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade 2016 four-star receiver Dymond Lee (6-2, 175) has a pair of offers, from Miami and Tennessee.

Both schools offered Lee as a receiver.

But this fall, Lee will make the move back to his childhood position of quarterback.

With Brad Kaaya off to Miami, the defending D-II state champions have a void at the quarterback position, so Lee will move from receiver to behind center.

"I feel like I can have a lot more success at quarterback and there are a lot more things I can do at quarterback than as a receiver," said Lee. "I plan to pursue quarterback very seriously."

While Lee will welcome all offers, he's hoping that schools will now recruit him as a quarterback.

"We've had some schools come by this spring, but most have left before we started practice, so I haven't had a chance to really throw in front of a lot of people," said Lee. "I worked with the quarterbacks at the Nike Camp, but I was coming back from an injury so I didn't run around that much. Hopefully, as the summer goes and the season goes on, I'll have more chances to throw for schools."

Lee said he may camp with the two local schools this summer, UCLA and USC, and while both have offers out to 2016 quarterbacks, that's where he hopes to be recruited.

"Coach (Eric) Yarber from UCLA has talked with me some and USC has recruited me but as a receiver," said Lee.

It was at the UCLA-USC game last fall where Lee watched Brett Hundley lead the Bruins to a win and envisioned himself doing much the same as a quarterback.

"The USC-UCLA game was really cool and was an exciting experience," said Lee. "It was my first time going to that game and it was nice to see the rivalry and the tension. It would be fun to play in that atmosphere. Watching Brett Hundley, I think he's very good and mobile and he can deliver the ball very well. I could see myself being that, in that role, like Hundley or Marcus Mariota."

Colorado is keeping an eye on Lee, and they signed his brother, Donovan Lee, in February, giving them an upper hand down the road.

"Colorado is a nice school, with a long lineage of winning so they'll be a potential option, especially since my brother is going there and I'll already have family out there," said Lee. "Obviously the schools that jump on you earlier, those are the ones you can trust more. But it's not just getting to a D-I school, it's playing and the earlier, the better."

Lee said he thinks the Buffs are getting a steal in Donovan.

"That schools didn't jump on him surprises me," said Lee. "Hopefully, schools will realize that and jump a little sooner. But I think colleges don't really see it this way, but it's not how big you are, but how big you play and they'll be impressed with him at Colorado."

Lee has gotten a chance to work with his former battery mate Kaaya this offseason.

"The main thing Brad has helped me with is confidence," said Kaaya. "He worked out a bunch with me this offseason and was really impressed with my confidence. He said to go out and do it and not worry about other factors."

Miami, where Kaaya is headed, offered back in the fall. Tennessee did so earlier this month.

"The offer from Tennessee, I felt like that was pretty huge," said Lee. "It does open a lot of opportunities and schools from other conferences will see me as a serious factor."

Arizona State, Minnesota and Notre Dame have all been in communication with Lee as well.

This summer, Lee said he's planning out his camp schedule along with Chaminade's 7v7 schedule but his main focus will be leading the Eagles and not really recruiting.

"Right now, I'm just focusing on the season and school," said Lee.

Lee has a 3.0 and will take the SAT during his junior year.

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