Dorsey Still Keeping Eyes Open

2015 four-star Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco shooting guard Tyler Dorsey committed to Arizona intending to be a point guard, but five-star point guard Justin Simon committed soon after him...

When four-star shooting guard Tyler Dorsey committed to Arizona in early January, he was doing so with the intention of being the Wildcats' lead guard of the future.

Then, in early May, Sean Miller and Arizona plucked another high-level guard out of Southern California, this time earning a commitment from five-star point guard Justin Simon.

Since that commitment, there has been a good deal of speculation that Dorsey could opt out of his commitment to the Wildcats, but the Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco product tweeted recently that he has no intention of doing so.

"I just wanted it out there that I was committed to the University, without any other stuff going around," Dorsey said. "There was a lot more noise after (Simon) committed, you know, 'how are we going to play together?', 'how's our backcourt going to work?' I think that's a good future backcourt.

"It looks pretty good for now, but it's a long year ahead, so things can change. But yeah, I'm still committed to Arizona, for sure."

That kind of careful language came up several times during the interview, with Dorsey acknowledging that many things can change in the coming months before he decides to sign (which likely won't be until spring of his senior year).

"I'm always watching basketball, and what's going on with various teams," Dorsey said. "People stay out of nowhere, like the twins stayed at Kentucky, which is a surprise. You just have to keep watching, because you don't know, there's always changes."

Although he declined to say which schools are still recruiting him, he did say that there are several who are constantly checking in on him, particularly since Simon committed. He said it's a "watch and see game for now."

As for the issue itself, Dorsey said much of the concern over whether he and Simon can coexist stems from the fact that, at least from what he can gather, they have similar styles of play.

"It's kind of weird right now," Dorsey said. "It's a hard situation because we both have similar games. I don't really know him. I've never really talked to him, just once at Adidas Nations, I just said hi. Like I said, it's hard, it's a watch and see game right now."

As for communication from the Wildcats about how the division of play might go, Dorsey hasn't heard anything definitive.

"Right now, they haven't officially said what we are both going to do," Dorsey said. "Right now, I think we'll play both the 1 and the 2 and switch off on the ball, but it's not firmly any position right now for either of us."

Dorsey did say that he's actually comfortable with both positions, the two and the one, but said he thinks of himself as a point guard at the NBA level, which is why he's focused on getting some experience there in college.

"I committed as a combo guard as well as a one, but as you can see, most point guards in the NBA are scorers now-a-days," Dorsey said. "Like Steph Curry, he was a two/one in college, and now he's a one in the NBA."

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