Gustin on UCLA, ASU, Busy Schedule

The 6-5, 235-pound Porter Gustin from Salem (Utah) Salem Hills has an been on an exhausting schedule, but he perked up when talking about visiting UCLA...

If Porter Gustin isn't playing football, he is pitching in front of MLB scouts, if he isn't pitching he is dunking on people on the hardwood, and if he isn't playing basketball he may be competing for the State Championship in javelin. It's amazing that with four sports going on nonstop that Gustin finds time to work out 3-4 hours a day and maintain a 3.7 GPA. When does he find time to sleep?

"It definitely gets exhausting," Gustin claimed. "But with that being said, I love it. I love to compete, I love to push myself, and I love playing sports. I wouldn't have it any other way. I've played five basketball games in the past two days, and now here I am at the UteShoot starting at quarterback and linebacker. It's a grind, but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it."

Gustin was noticeably tired at the UteShoot, but that didn't stop him from imposing his will on the field. Gustin led a young Salem Hills team to two of the biggest upsets of the day against reigning state champs Timpview and UteShoot favorites Brighton. Gustin's game is physicality, and 7v7 limited that, but he still impressed. He displayed a big arm at QB and was able to shut opposing running backs and tight ends down from the linebacker spot. He didn't leave the field for a snap all day.

"At the college level, so much of the game is about conditioning and mental toughness," Gustin explained. "When that 4th quarter rolls around, I don't want to be the guy sucking wind and struggling to make plays. I push myself at all times so I am ready for those moments. I will push myself straight through this summer and into my senior year of football."

Part of Gustin's summer game plan is to figure out what schools he wants to focus on and what schools he wants to eliminate from his list of nearly 40 offers. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida State, and USC have solidified themselves at the top, but a few other schools could be factoring in.

"I have basically got my list of 10," Gustin said. "There may be one or two more schools that could make it or get removed from the list, but it's just about ready. I want to check out all those schools that do make my top 10, so we are still figuring out our summer plans."

"I have already visited Arizona State, and that was a great visit. The coaches were phenomenal and the campus is great. I don't love the heat, but that's not a big factor. I want an environment where I am comfortable, and I felt at home down there."

While Gustin is figuring out what schools he may or may not visit this summer, he has one definite trip set up.

"I know that I am going to check out UCLA sometime this month," Gustin stated. "Seeing UCLA is overdue, they are a school I have interest in, but just haven't seen yet. They are trending up as much as anyone in the country right now. Coach Mora is awesome and they keep getting more and more talent. I love the fact that they are ranked so high heading into the 2014 season. I want to play for a team that is contending for a National Championship, and UCLA is moving in that direction. They always tell me I could be the next Anthony Barr. That guy is a top 10 pick, talk about humbling. I am pretty excited to see UCLA, I've heard nothing but good things."

Gustin's top ten should be coming out anytime now. Out of the six "at-large" spots, I would guess ASU, UCLA, Washington, and Oregon make the cut. The last two spots are major wildcards. Louisville, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Wisconsin, and a few SEC schools have a chance to make the impending tweet.

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