Lineman Camp Notes and Evals

UCLA's lineman camp on Sunday featured a variety of big-time talents on the sideline and a handful of UCLA-level prospects on the field...

UCLA's Lineman Camp on Sunday featured a few clear UCLA-level players, but the majority of the best talent on the field spent the day on the sidline.

Offensive tackles Andre James, Drew Richmond, Kieffer Longson, and Connor Williams were all in attendance but merely watched and talked with the coaches rather than participating. Roquan Smith, the linebacker prospect from Georgia was also there.

James, Richmond, and Williams all look to be around 6'4", with Richmond in particular looking like he is a legit 6'5. Richmond received a great deal of love from the coaches throughout the event, with Coach Mora spending a great deal of time with him, and current player Eldridge Massington seemingly taking him under his wing.

Williams and his family were with Mora and Offensive Line Coach Adrian Klemm quite a bit after the event, and he was sporting a UCLA hat. He looks good physically, with long arms and very little fat on him.

We heard that UCLA is doing particularly well with James, and that his relationship with Taylor Mazzone has been key in his recruitment.

Longson, like we said, didn't work out, which was curious, given that he doesn't yet have a UCLA offer and wasn't injured. He spent the entire day at the camp, though, but the majority of it was spent in the stands watching.

As for players who actually participated, there were a few big standouts.

So far, only one offer has come out of the camp, going to Cole Smith, the interior lineman prospect from Mission Viejo. Smith performed very well in the morning session, and was right there with Fred Ulu-Perry as the best center prospect at the event. He earned the offer about halfway through the camp, and then left for the afternoon session, so we'll have his reaction to the offer later. He's about 6'2, and looked to have good bend and mobility.

Dru Samia, the recent offeree, was probably the top offensive lineman at the event. He flashed a good mean streak during 1-on-1s and the Battle of the Bruins drill, repeatedly planting guys in the dirt. He didn't show the best mobility on the edge dealing with a speed rush, which might mean he's more suited to playing inside, but he looks to have the versatility to play either guard or tackle. He plays with good strength, and has a very good motor.

Ulu-Perry looked good, and in several match-ups with defensive line prospect DeShawn Fortune, looked very physical. Ulu-Perry has very good strength, showing that ability to get his hands on a guy's chest and not let him move. He moves his feet well, and did a nice job even staying in front of some smaller, quicker interior linemen. He didn't walk away with an offer, but he performed well.

On the defensive side of the ball, Fortune was easily the top performer. He's only about 6'0 or so, and might not be much more than 270 pounds, but he has a great motor, good quickness, and is violent with his hands. At his height, he's probably a pure nose in UCLA's system, but he did some work at defensive end and didn't look out of place. He, too, didn't earn an offer, but he said he'll talk to the coaches this week and he hopes to hear more then. Right now, he's very under-recruited, with just Fresno State and San Jose State talking to him significantly, even though he does ostensibly have more offers. We'll have an interview with him later.

Kyon Clark was probably the other really intriguing guy for UCLA. He's still carrying too much weight, looking like he could drop a good 50 pounds or more, but the way he moves for a guy his size is really impressive. He has natural strength and agility, and uses his hands well. UCLA Defensive Line Coach Angus McClure took him through a variety of the agility drills he does with the team during actual practices, and he did them all well. He'll be an interesting one to watch, though a UCLA offer is unexpected at this time. We'll have an interview with him later.

Wyatt Ray, the three-star defensive end from Florida, was probably the next biggest standout on the defensive side. He has a good frame to add weight, with long arms and, after Fortune, was probably the best defensive lineman in 1-on-1s. UCLA has been recruiting him, but the Bruins haven't yet offered. After they review the film of the camp, he could be a guy they pursue.

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