Masina Dominates All-Poly Camp

2015 four-star Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton outside linebacker Osa Masina dominated the All-Poly Camp, showing the athleticism and versatility that has made him such a good prospect...

Osa Masina looks the part, has an offer sheet 20+ schools deep, and has the highlight film, but All-Poly could be an indication that all that stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. The All-Poly Camp has a reputation for being one of the most physical camps in the country, there was really no reason for Masina to be on the field this past weekend. With The Opening on the horizon and the kickoff of his senior year approaching, Masina had nothing to prove and nothing to gain.

"For years I've heard about the All-Poly Camp, and there is a lot of hype around it, so I just wanted to get out here and compete," Masina claimed. "This camp was a blast, so much energy and passion on the field, I am ready glad I was a part of it."

The energy Masina referenced is present at the camp every year, but this year may have had a little extra juice. Masina brought a mentality to the camp that made everyone around him step their game up. He wasn't there to hang out, talk to coaches, and show off. Masina came to compete and from the first day on, he set a tone that the other prospects responded to.

At 6-4 230 pounds, a lot of people believe Masina is growing into a rush end. There is a good chance that's where he ends up at the next level, but he possesses a skill set that goes beyond rushing the passer. Masina was fluid in pass coverage, running with receivers, tight ends, and running backs. With strength to rival the biggest offensive linemen and athleticism to shut down backs and receivers, Masina could end up playing multiple positions at the next level.

Masina's leadership was arguably the most impressive part of his game this weekend. There were a few times Masina was on the sideline and a teammate would intercept a pass or make a big play, and he would be the first one celebrating. Masina was a general on defensive side of the ball, everyone around him fed of his leadership and played at a much higher level.

While All-Poly dished out a few MVP awards at each position, the most valuable player at the camp was undoubtedly Osa Masina. Stanford, USC, Utah, and Wisconsin got to spend time building their relationship with the Masina family, but he was 100% focused on task at hand, dominating the All-Poly Camp.

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