Can Shirley Transfer to UCLA?

Josh Shirley, the defensive end for the Washington Huskies, wants to come to UCLA as a graduate transfer. What are the chances?

Washington Husky defensive end Josh Shirley wants to transfer to UCLA, but there are some impediments that might make it unlikely, according to sources.

Shirley, a senior, has been granted his release from Washington. He has graduated, so he'd be able to be a graduate transfer, which would enable him to play his senior season without having to sit out a year.

Shirley has indicated to sources that his desire is to transfer and play at UCLA for that one season.

There is a Pac-12 intra-transfer ban, however. From what we've been told, though, Shirley has appealed to the Pac-12 to have the ban waived, citing a family situation that demands he be close to his family. Shirley is originally from Fontana.

The intra-conference ban, too, might not be the only impediment. Shirley, of course, signed with UCLA out of high school, but was dismissed from the team and the school when he was arrested on suspicion of felony theft while being enrolled at UCLA during the summer session leading into his freshman year in 2010.

There's a question of whether UCLA would want the 6-3, 225-pound rush end, but also whether UCLA's administration would accept him, giving his history with the school. Shirley, actually, has been an exemplary student-athlete while at Washington, and has done well academically.

There is also the question of whether Shirley could get accepted into a graduate program at UCLA.

Shirley started his career at Washington with a splash, collecting 8.5 sacks as a redshirt freshman in 2011. But then he didn't make much progress from there and was relegated to a back-up role in the next two seasons.

UCLA, though, is in need of a pass-rush specialist at defensive end.

We've heard that Shirley would also consider Fresno State, where his older brother played.

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