Uluave Focused on Big Picture

The offensive line prospect from Hawaii, Semisi Uluave, found motivation, and a newfound work ethic, at the beginning of the spring by having no offers...

Semisi Uluave's stock has been on the rise since he walked off the field a state champ in November. Uluave was happy with his team's effort and performance, but was not satisfied with his own play in 2013. Uluave did some soul-searching this winter, and attacked the off-season with reckless abandon.

"It was great to play for the best team in Hawaii, but I know I didn't carry my weight last year," Uluave claimed. "I had to look within and realize some things after the season ended. I want to play football for a long time, and my work ethic wasn't always reflecting that. I decided that I was going to rededicate myself to football; hit the weight room like never before, work on my technique until I perfect it, and compete like every snap is my last one. I have an urgency now. Last year, my team carried me, this year I want to carry them."

Uluave's new mindset and hard work translated to the spring camp circuit. At the Oakland NFTC, he was a man amongst boys. At every college camp he attended, he walked away as the top linemen. The amount of offers Uluave has piled up these past few months is a direct result of his dedicated offseason. Uluave emerged as a four-star prospect and received an invite to the Nike Opening.

"I am blessed that Scout gave me a fourth star," Uluave explained. "But don't think for a second that I am satisfied, the goal is to earn that last star and continue to get better. The Opening was also a great honor. I was ready to get out there with Breiden Fehoko and Fred Ulu-Perry and represent Hawaii. I had a minor injury that I am taking care of and I know that it wouldn't be a good idea to compete in Oregon. I don't need any setbacks. I think I will be back at 100% in late August, and from there the goal is to win another championship."

Uluave has seen his offers nearly double this spring. He has visited a few campuses this spring, and has a pretty good idea about his time frame for committing.

"I am going to commit after taking my five official visits, which I plan to do during the fall," Uluave stated. "My plan is to visit USC, UCLA, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Vanderbilt. I think these schools offer me a lot in terms of academics and football both. It has been a dream of mine to play in the Pac-12, so USC, UCLA, and Oregon are really high on my list. I have been to USC and UCLA on unofficial visits and I love both schools. Oregon is a great option as well, they have a great offense and some very good Hawaiian guys have gone well there."

"I am also really high on Vanderbilt and Oklahoma. The coaches there have done a great job communicating with me. Coach Montgomery at Oklahoma is a really cool guy and has got me excited about the Sooners. Coach Maile at Vanderbilt is another great coach that has done a really good job recruiting me. I look forward to checking those schools out and seeing what the atmosphere is like."

While Uluave is bummed that he is missing The Opening, there is no doubt that from over 2,500 miles away he will be cheering on his Hawaiian family. The versatile offensive linemen is focused on the bigger picture and knows that getting healthy is priority #1.

"The Opening is a great honor, but I need to get my body and mind right for the season," Uluave said. "My job is to dominate this year, I owe it to my teammates and family. I will be rooting for my guys out in Oregon and it will only motivate me that much more."

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