Costello Lands UCLA Offer

2016 four-star Santa Margarita (Calif.) quarterback K.J. Costello coveted offers from USC and UCLA, and on Monday, the Bruins came through...

K.J. Costello has taken a ton of unofficial visits over the spring/summer and checked out UCLA on Friday.

"I camped with UCLA but this was really my first time touring the campus and meeting with the coaches," Costello said. "I thought I was going to be meeting with Coach Mora but he was in Bristol doing some ESPN stuff so I met with Taylor and Noel Mazzone.

"The visit was great, I early enjoyed myself there. We toured the campus and it's obviously a beautiful place and then we all sat down and talked about the offense and how I fit in. I have a real good relationship with Taylor, we've been talking on and offer for the last 6-7 months and I have gained a ton of respect for the UCLA program and how they do things.

"Things started to heat up about three months ago but they said they wanted to see me in person first, so I went to their camp. After the camp, they said they liked me a lot and wanted to offer but wanted to spend more time with me first and asked me to visit. On the visit last Friday, they basically told me I had an offer but it had to come from coach Mora and that happened tonight. Everything they said would happen, happened. They didn't make any empty promises to me but were up front and honest and I really respect that about them."

Costello said he thinks he would fit in very well in the UCLA offense.

"They said they wanted a pass first guy who can also hurt a defense with their legs," Costello said. "They said they like a guy who can make quick decisions and get the ball to the receivers and let them work but also want to start throwing deep more. They said Brett (Hundley) has really progressed and they're excited to make more plays down the field and I'm excited to watch them and see how it goes.

"In our offense, we're a pass first team but we'll also be doing more in the running game and I'll be able to show that I can do some things running the ball. UCLA has some great playmakers at receiver and they're recruiting at a very high level so that's another huge plus. It's a great school and I really enjoyed talking to Coach Mora as well. I haven't really done that much until tonight and it didn't take long at all to gain respect for him and I love his attitude. He wants to win and that's what I'm about as well."

UCLA already has a '15 QB commitment from Josh Rosen but Costello said that won't play a role in his decision.

"I would be lying if I said I wasn't aware that Josh is there and I know he can play," Costello said. "At the same time, when you look at all the top teams, they all have talented quarterbacks on the roster. I actually think it would be easier to beat out a guy in the class right in front of me then a guy who has been there 2-3 years and knows the system really well already."

Following his visit to UCLA, Costello camped with Stanford on Saturday and also visited Arizona State on Sunday.

"I had a quick workout for Stanford and was very happy with how I did," Costello said. "I got there early, warmed up and was ready to go. I felt like I was on top of my game and got some tips from Coach Shaw and Coach Pritchard. Afterward, we had a BBQ and I was able to sit down with Coach Shaw and spent some good one on one time with him.

"He told me they like me a lot and said I had a good day. He said they'll be in contact so we'll see what happens. I know Stanford moves a little slower than other teams so I'm staying patient. I don't know if they want to see me in pads this year or not but I'm not worrying about, if it happens, that will be great."

As for his visit to Tempe:

"I actually visited with one of my coaches," Costello said. "That was a good visit too and I really enjoyed sitting down and talking with Coach Graham and Coach Norvell. I like his style and competitive edge he has and they have a real good system for a quarterback.

"We went over the whole offense and it's a great system. I actually haven't had a lot of contact with ASU before the visit so I was happy with how it wen and they said they would be in touch. They haven't offered yet, I think they have only offered one other '16 quarterback so we'll see what happens. That's definitely it for me, I've done a lot of visits but that's it for the summer and now, my whole focus is all on Santa Margarita football and getting ready for the season."

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