VIDEO: Hundley Talks First Day

Brett Hundley talks about how comfortable he is in San Bernardino and talks about how some of the receivers are developing...

Brett Hundley in San Bernardino:

On what he wants to accomplish in camp:
I think just coming together as a team and really developing teamwork. Understanding how to work together, the mentality of the offense, defense and special teams. Just coming together.

On what the difference camp in San Bernardino makes:
It starts our foundation for the team and the season. Being able to come out here and get away from social media, get away from girlfriends and enjoy each other's company. To really learn about one another off the field, it helps the team bound.

On how it compares to fall camp on campus:
I was used to going off campus in high school. We would go off campus and I personally liked it better. It gets you away from things. Staying on campus is fine but you're still near everything.

On the right tackle position:
I have so much trust in Connor. I think he's going to be good and will be a great player for us. Big big boy, 305, 310 pounds. He's a monster. He'll be nice. Our O-Line is looking good, especially with Jake leading us.

On Alex Van Dyke:
He's nice, really nice. Coming along. Obviously he's a freshman, so he's learning, but Eldridge is helping him out, taking him under his wing. He'll learn.

On the high expectations:
Not really. We understand the expectations are outside of here. Just like two years ago, there weren't the same expectations but we had the same mindset to be able to work and earn our respect.

On leading the offense for a third year:
I just feel more relaxed and comfortable. I'm not as nervous as I was two years ago when I won the job.

On his size:
I'm 230 right now. It's a nice weight. 6-3, 230.

On what he's learned in the offseason:
Talking to older quarterbacks, Philip Rivers, Tim Tebow, talking to them. You can work a lot on the field, but getting in the film room you learn a lot more.

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