VIDEO: Jack on First Day

Sophomore linebacker Myles Jack talks about the many roles he's playing in the defense, whether he's been given an offensive playbook, and what Jeff Ulbrich did with the defense's phones...

Myles Jack talks on the first day:

On having a year under his belt:
Just coming back with the year of experience. Your role has changed. Last year, I was fighting for a spot, this year, I'm looked at as a leader. I'm feeding off EK and trying to help the guys and keep them up to speed and really help this defense. I had people asking me what to do here. That was a changeup from last year. I'm asking and looking around and wide-eyed and now I'm giving the answer.

On all the linebacker roles:
Not every role, but I understand what each person does on the field and what I focused on this offseason, knowing what the safeties are doing, what the linemen are doing. As you can see, it's working out.

On if he's less overwhelmed compared to last year:
I'm definitely less overwhelmed compared to last year for sure. Coach Brick has implemented a new kind of defense with new schemes so I'm learning some new things but less overwhelmed. Whatever Coach Mora wants to put on my plate, I'm good with.

On if he'll have more of a pass-rushing role:
Oh yea, for sure. Different schemes, Coach told me that I'll be mostly in coverage but I'll have my chances to get after the quarterback.

On if Mora has given him a plan for running back:
He has not. Just waiting. Whenever he wants me to do something. If he wants me to during camp, I'm just waiting. I'll keep my skills ready. I have no idea what they do over there. I just kind of run. The offensive line moves guys out of the way and I just get to run. Kudos to them.

On his pass rushing:
I feel like things have slowed down. Kind of the angles and what I need to do in certain situations. Watching film this offseason, I understand what I need to do. Hopefully it transpires so I can get a sack this year, I didn't get one last year, so I was kind of upset about it.

On having a sack officially recorded in the Sun Bowl:
Oh, I did? Well I'll take that. I got one last year, last game. I'm going to try and get two this year.

On the difference in camp away from campus:
We're just away from home. Coaches want us to bond as a team. We're away from campus, we're away from our dorms. It's really just us being here. I think it's really going to build the team and camrarderie. Usually when you break practice, you do your own thing, but here, you're with your teammates the whole time. I think it's great for us. It's great for team camraderie, bringing us together.

On what stood out about being away from campus:
It brings together the whole team, and the older guys. In the summer program, you life and every one goes their separate way. You really only know your class. Now, they can bring you up to speed and you spend time that you wouldn't at home.

On if older linebackers brought him up to speed last year:
For sure. Anthony (Barr), Jordan (Zumwalt) and EK, they brought me up to speed, helped me out with things and they saw potential in me and definitely helped me in camp last year.

On not using his phone during camp:
Coach Brick took our phones. We don't have our phones. It just depends on the coach. Some didn't, some did. Now we're just talking to each other. We don't have a choice. Which is cool, I'm fine with it. Our message is we have to be close as a team if we want to do big things this year. Be a brotherhood. That's how we're going to do big things, being on the same page. The little things like that. It's a bigger picture at the end of the day so I can't complain.

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