VIDEO: Mora on Setting the Tone Tuesday

Coach Jim Mora talked about getting after the team today and setting a tone, especially emphasizing tempo, what goes into the practice playlist, and more...

Opening statement:
Today was a good practice. A lot of good learning. A lot of stuff goes on during the day and we come out here and put it in action. We're a long ways from where I want to be but a lot of good things happening. As we're standing there in practice, I was thinking of the young guys who were standing out to me. And I really can't think of any after two practices. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it means we're better as a team and it's harder for them to stand out. What I like about our team is our intensity and focus and our sense of urgency. If we can maintain that we can make a lot of progress while we're here.

On injury updates:
On Mossi, they were saying that it could be a couple of weeks before he was a full go, full contact, so it would be a couple days, but today he was much improved and his range and motion was almost back to normal. And he's a tough kid. So sooner rather than later. It was a second degree AC sprain. It just means it's not serious. His range and motion was a lot better today. Simon Goines did a little more and over the course of the next couple of days you'll see him do more. Everyday he gets more comfortable. I think some of it is just that mental block. He's a big guy and putting a lot of weight on it. Cameron Griffin fell on his shoulder. I'm hoping it's not too serious. He tweaked it yesterday but he'll get it looked at.

On Zach Whitley:
Today he was cramping up, the second day in a row. It's interesting because he's from Houston. For the young guys, the speed of the game, the head, the mental fatigue, the size who they're going up against, it takes their toll. We want those guys out here.

On the difference from the first two years in San Bernardino:
The first year it was terrible. We had the tubs set up. The rectal thermometers. I wasn't (doing those). They were up to their necks in the ice bath. I think the temperature is good right now. It will heat up a little bit. The heat is a bonus, and brings us out of our comfort zone. It was brutal. We had two female doctors the first day. I saw those poor kids and I said to the doctors 'oh those poor kids' and she said 'well it wasn't too much fun for me either.' She had a point. But we haven't had those problems. Coach Alosi does an amazing job on nutrition and hydration and we're much more advanced.

On seeing the potential of Eldridge Massington:
I think we all have. He just needs to become consistent. He makes some good plays, some great plays. He made a great play today. He's big and physical and fast and works hard. I'm glad Brett trusts him. The thing with all the receivers and Brett is you see he trusts them. Devin Lucien, Thomas Duarte, Jordan Payton, Devin Fuller and now a little bit with Eldridge. The further you get away from that knee, you get more comfortable and he doesn't need the brace anymore and he may be better. I know he works hard. Six to nine months you can be back, but at what level. At his position, it's a little different than the offensive line. My experience with knees is it's more than a year. More than a year till you're confident.

On setting the tone:
Like I told them, we have a certain standard and how we want to do things. My job is to make sure we're always pushing that standard and if I see something I don't like, I'll address it. Sometimes with the music blaring, I can't say it in my gentle voice. I like an intense practice. A lot of times, that has to start with the coach.

On if the music playlist is his:
No (laughs). The playlist is designed for different parts of practice, like individual, we get AC/DC, I don't know if we have Journey, but Black Sabbath. It's grinding music. Then we go country during 1on1s. I'm not sure why we go country in 1on1s. Then towards the end of practice, when we want to go with the rhythm, we go with hip-hop. We end with hip-hop Coach Alosi puts time and thought into every song that goes on that because of the rhythm of what we're trying to get done and our mindset. He's not the DJ but he has the playlist. I trust him on it. I don't like the songs, but I trust him on it. I like it and this is why we have it, but its to block it out. You have to block it out. When I stand there and let it in, I think 'how are we thinking?' I think it helps us though. I was thinking I haven't had a Led Zeppelin. I'll have one tomorrow. You'd be surprised, but I'm kind of eclectic. Right now, I'm in a heavy Seattle genre when I work out, a lot of Pearl Jam, Maclemore, Blue Scholars some old Mother Love Bone. I don't know why I'm in to Seattle music.

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