VIDEO: Massington on Fall Camp

The redshirt freshman receiver talks about going through his second fall camp, how Brett Hundley has developed over the last year, and what the expectations are among the receivers...

Eldridge Massington talks at fall camp:

On being back out:
Its a little hot but it's not too bad. I'm just happy to be back on the field.

On feeling like he can get open now deep:
I'm doing everything Coach Yarbs and Coach Mazzone tell us to do. They tell us what they want us to work on. Working on the techniques they tell us to do.

On if he feels like a veteran:
Kind of but I'm still learning from the older guys, Brett, Jordan Payton, but yeah, I'm feeling a little older. Little cramps, hurting a little bit.

On mentoring the younger receivers:
Alex (Van Dyke) is learning the system. He's coming to me with questions and I'm helping him out, showing him the little tricks, how to get open, stuff like that. He's going to be a beast though. A young Randy Moss. That's what he is, a young Randy Moss.

On his feeling with the offensive scheme:
I feel like I'm pretty comfortable with the system, and now it's bigger picture, coverages, linebacker assignments, running with the running backs.

On working with Brett Hundley:
He's made a tremendous amount of strides the last six months. He's making throws he wasn't making last year. He's not afraid to throw stuff in the hole. He's grown a lot to me. It's crazy and seeing it before my eyes. I saw him before when he was scared to do thing and now he's forming into this great quarterback.

On Hundley's leadership:
He's taken on that leadership role, really taken it on. So the coaches won't have to tell us. This is his team, he's running this team. He's our leader and we follow him and he's taken on that role.

On if that makes the receivers confident:
That makes us extremely confident. Knowing our quarterback, he's confident, that gives us that boost.

On the difference going into this year:
It's a huge difference in this years expectations and last year. This year, we're coming together as a team. Taking it day by day and doing what Coach Mora said.

On Devin Lucien:
He just do what he do. That's Devin. He comes out here every day and works hard and does what Coach Yarbs said.

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