VIDEO: Van Dyke on First Practices

Freshman wide receiver Alex Van Dyke talks about his first two days of practice, what he weighs now, and how his role will grow in the offense...

Alex Van Dyke:

On being out in practice:
It feels good to finally be out here with the team competing. It's a dream come true for me.

On the older players raving about him:
The veterans and getting with them. Just to get the knowledge has helped.

On how he's learned:
It's been verbal and then meeting up with the players and going over it with them.

On his understanding of the position:
I'm getting there but I have a long way to go and I'm still trying to perfect the craft.

On his size:
6-4, 210, 212.

On praise from the other players:
Just here and there, I don't really pay attention to it, I'm just working with the team.

On his first couple of days:
I'm hard on myself so I have a lot to learn and get better from. That's why I'm getting with Coach Yarbs. With knowledge comes confidence. That's what I've got to work on.

On what he's learned from Brett Hundley:
Just overall concepts and helping me with the plays so I could get sped up on everything. As soon as I got in, I tried to introduce myself. I love Brett so anytime I get the chance to be out there with him. Just the knowledge stuff.

On working inside:
Once I learn the plays more, they'll start working me in. Whatever gets me on the field to help the team.

On developing with other quarterbacks:
Every quarterback, just to get everything. I'm trying to get on the field.

On what's surprised him the most:
Just how smart everyone is, getting that tempo.

On the toughest defensive back he's gone up against:
Every defensive back on this team is good. Everyone is a challenge. Everyone is amazing. It's just helping me get better. It's a good wake-up factor for me because I have to create new moves to get around.

On the college speed:
Coach is doing a great job getting everyone up to speed so going at that tempo is regular to us.

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