VIDEO: Perkins on Running Backs

Paul Perkins talks about the depth chart, how he's improved in the last few months, and what he's seen from Brett Hundley's growth over the last four or five years...

Paul Perkins:

On how he feels in camp:
I feel good coming in to camp. I gained a couple pounds. I feel light but heavy enough to take some blows. I feel like I understand the offense. The big thing is helping the younger guys understand the roles.

On the younger running backs:
They're good. I think they're going to be really good when they develop and finally understand the plays and the offense and what their role is. I think they have a great future in front of them if they keep working on their craft. The sky is the limit.

On his improving vision:
I think it's just age and it comes with maturity. Knowing the guys blocking for me, the quarterback. Knowing the offense has helped me with my vision.

On if there has been a named leader for the running back role:
Honestly, I have no idea. I just come out here and play football. Coach K is telling me what to do. That's what I'll do, come out and play football.

On Kennedy Polamalu coaching:
They're both really good coaches, their teaching style is just different. But I think Coach K has a great impact on me, as well as Coach Broussard. He's pushed me to work on things on and off the field.

On if it will be a by-committee role:
I don't know. You have to talk to Coach K. He has the master plan. Coach Mora has the master plan. I just have to run the ball and look pretty.

On Jordon James:
I think he looks good and has recovered nice. I think he's better and more confident in his legs. He was a little timid but he's back to being more explosive.

On Brett Hundley's development from high school:
Leadership is one of the biggest things he's improved on. In high school, he didn't really have to be the leader, but out here, the coaches are hands off and letting him run the bus and he's trying to take us to the national championship. He has to be (vocal), this is his last year or whatever, but this is coming up to his last couple years. He has to lead the bus and take us to a national championship where everyone wants to go.

On Hundley's leadership:
He's always had it he just didn't always need to use it. I'm glad that he's coming out.

On the running backs needing to run for more yards:
Whenever the quarterback is leading the team in rushing, that's not good. We've got to get on our stuff and do our thing and work on our craft and read our holes and be patient.

On Myles Jack:
He's a great player. Offense, defense, he's valuable, as you saw last year.

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