VIDEO: Rios on Return

Cornerback Marcus Rios, who dealt with a life-threatening fungal infection that held him out all of last year, tells us he's up to 185 pounds and is ready to impact the depth chart...

Marcus Rios:

On his size:
I'm about 185 right now. I've put on a lot of weight, thanks to Coach Alosi. It's been amazing. They've been monitoring me. I'm feeling stronger than I ever have. I'm just glad to be back out here. 185 is my target weight but I'm always looking to put on more.

On where he feels he's at in regaining his speed:
With the training program that we've been on with Coach Alosi, it's been one of the toughest summers this year. He worked me out every day, pushed me as hard as I could and I'm feeling a lot stronger and faster than I ever have.

On what his lowest weight was:
I was down to about 125. It's been a year.

On fitting in the defense:
Just doing my part, working hard every day. Our offense is really good, they're giving us good looks. The offensive line and receiver contribute to our work.

On what he needs to work on most:
I can always improve on everything I do. Just working hard every day. Studying and being on my playbook and working hard on the gym.

On if he has concrete goals:
Not too much, just to get healthy. I'm healthy now and feeling great. Just continue to work hard every day. I just have to keep working hard and I'll get my chance eventually. Im going to continue to work hard, be a good teammate to all others, try to be a leader and outwork people. Do what I need to do.

On if he'll have a versatile role:
At this point, I really don't know. I'm just doing what I'm told. Right now, I'm at corner. It's a great feeling to be back out here. I'm really happy about that.

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