VIDEO: Duarte on Health

Sophomore Y-receiver Thomas Duarte talks about his ankle health, his growing rapport with Brett Hundley, and the improvement in the receiving corps...

Thomas Duarte:

On his health:
I'm getting there. I'm close to it. I know that. My ankle is sore now and then, but that's the biggest worry I have right now. I'll be 100%. Full-go, very confident in my ankle.

On picking up where he left off in spring:
Going in to my second year, I'm getting very comfortable, very comfortable with Brett, very comfortable with the coaches. The whole offense in general has really grown as a unit and gelled very well and we're continuing to do that out here.

On what he's grown most in:
Definitely my patience. My patience has come a long way in my route running. Really coming in here, I was trying to get open. In high school, you want the ball, but here Coach Yarber is teaching the other side of the game, being patient, because everything works in sync together.

On Hundley seeing the field more:
You can tell it in the meetings. Brett will come up to you and say something that you didn't see. You'll take it to the field and work on it. He's not going to put anything on you that you can't take. You can tell his development. Brett has developed into the leader everyone wants him to be and the team needs him to be. He's one of the faces of UCLA football. Recently on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it doesn't get much better than that. Brett is the kind of leader you want, the mold you want as the leader of a football team.

On Mossi Johnson:
He's going to be real good in this offense. He's very patient. Again, very patient in his routes. He just brings a different side of football to the Y position. He brings a more elusive and faster thing to the Y position.

On the receiving corps:
We were very young last year in the receiving corps. Again, we had Shaq, DBell and Gray, but right behind them we had Jordan, Devin Lucien, Devin Fuller, Ahmaad Harris and myself. Now we're becoming the leaders of the inside and outside. There really is no drop off this year.

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