VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the development of the quarterbacks, what he's seeing from the offensive line, and what freshmen are standing out...

Noel Mazzone:

On Brett Hundley's assertivness:
He's doing a good job and attacking every day. The length of our attention span is one day. He's done a good job of not looking past that and living in the moment. Working on the little things. He's got some young receivers, some new guys and he's developing a me-to-you factor. It's a lot of fun. They've gotten progressively a little better every day.

On Eldridge Massington:
He's stepped up and understanding it. He's a big receiver. Brett has developed some confidence in him. He's had some good practices.

On Malcolm Bunche:
We've had to move some guys around. Malcolm is going to be solid for us. I feel good about the O-Line. We're trying to work on some depth.

On the yellow jerseys for the quarterback:
I'd like to take credit for that but it's Coach Mora. We don't really like red.

On the running back plan:
They're having up to this point, as solid and productive as any of them. I ignore them so I don't screw them up. I don't ask who's in there, I just let KP handle it.

On if he's noticed the effect that Polamalu has had on the RB's:
Yes, I have. He's the only guy who's close to my age. Finally I have someone I can talk. He has tremendous experience. He's a hell of a football coach. He's done a good job with them.

On Devin Lucien:

We love Shaq, but Devin needs to be Devin. He progressed today and showed some flash. He needs to be Devin every day.

On when Lucien became more of a mentor:

It was thrust upon him. We're still a young football team. We have young receivers and he and JP have some experience. I'm proud of Devin for taking that responsibility.

On if he's seeing Asiantii Woulard improve:
I really have. He's started to flash that a little bit. Now I'm trying to see some consistency with him. It still moves kind of fast, but there are moments where it slows down for him. But I'm encouraged where he is now from where he was when he finished spring.

On the freshman:
All of them. Alex Van Dyke has come in. Starks has gone in there and started to learn.

On Nate Iese:
I like ol Nate. I like him. He's a guy we're excited about. We don't have true in-line kids. He makes space. I'm excited the job that KP has done with Nate. I'm excited about what we can do with him.

On Jordan Payton at the Y:
We want our kids to learn concepts and how it fits together. We tell Jordan, create value for yourself. Him getting work in there, gives us a chance to get him involved. He's a good enough player that he can jump in there and do it for us.

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