VIDEO: Lucien Talks Leadership

Receiver Devin Lucien talks about developing as a leader in Shaquelle Evans' absence, who he's mentoring among the younger receivers, and why Fabian Moreau is so good...

Devin Lucien:

On how he's holding up:
I'm alright. Now I'm doing what Shaq did for me for the other guys. Instead of me not asking Shaq things all the time, I'm answering questions.

On if anyone is attaching to him:
Alex Van Dyke is. We're becoming close. I make sure he's sitting next to me. It's kind of all the freshman are gravitate towards, not just us, but all the receivers.

On the conversation with Eric Yarber being the guy:
It was kind of crazy because I was always trying to compete with Jordan. For him to say that, I took on the responsibility and I look forward to it every day. Even when I have rough days, when I did, Justin Combs made a great play. I have to step back and remember that Im a guy other players are looking to.

On stepping in to that role:
It's a switch knowing all the eyes are on you. You try not to act out, be more mellow or cool. I don't know if you saw today, but Coach Mazzone, and we have a great defense, he got on people on Fabian's side who got locked up, I decided to go on to Fabian's side.

On if he's a different guy:
I'm not a different guy. I'm holding it in. I'm still ultra-competitive. Trust me, if it was the same thing, I would have taken a different approach, but I would have still had the fire. I look back to the video from the spring and realized I kind of did too much.

On who he likes to match up against:
Fabian Moreau. I mean, have you seen our defense? We've got Odighizuwa, Kenny Clark, Ellis McCarthy, Eddie Vanderdoes, Myles Jack. Then you have Fabian, Ish, RG. We have a great defense. I think, and I'm not just saying this, I think we have the No. 1 defense in the country, I'm excited to go against other teams. I think Fabian is one of the best corners in the country, so going against him is a blessing.

On what makes Moreau so effective:
I'm not going to tell you his secret's, but Fabian is really fast. He's patient, and I have a book for all of them, I write their strengths down. Fabian is smart, but his makeup speed is stupid. You think you've beat him on a route, then you have to try and Moss him. As opposed to the other guys.

On Priest Willis:
He's getting a lot better and a lot more confident. It's evident. He has such long arms, he can jam you. I think he's getting more confidence.

On filling Shaq's role.
We have a competition. Just now, me, Eldridge and Alex. Alex said his thumb was hurting and he didn't know if he could do it. Shaq would have said, 'get your butt back in there and do them.' But I had to take a step back and say 'what would Devin say'. I tried to see how he was catching and he was struggling because the thumb, so I had to step back.

On who's won that competition:
I have actually won, both days. But, Eldridge, when he first got here, he tried to jump to catch every pass, so I had have to take him back and say 'Eldridge, quit jumping, you're already so tall.' Kenny is so fast, he was a hurdler in high school, but he's so fast, he runs like this, and then you have Ishmael Adams, he's 4-11. I'm sorry Ish. If he can get under him. I can tell you everything with every younger guy what they need to do. I still have things I need to do for us to get better as a group.

On if Eric Yarber consults with him on that:
No. But I can tell you, I've learned so much from Yarbs, I hear myself talking like him all the time. I know I get on everyone's nerves sometime. It's stupid. The talent is so good. I'm not about to boast, but them Bruins are nice. And it starts with our defense.

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