VIDEO: Dickerson on First Days

The freshman defensive end tells us he's 6'5, 270 pounds and that he's fully healthy after the back injury that sidelined him all of last year...

Matt Dickerson:

On the first couple days:
It's been great, working as a team, embracing the heat, learning something new every day. It's good to bond with the team and improve every day.

On his first time practicing in nearly a year:
I'm healthy now and ready to get this show on the road. I missed my whole senior season. It was tough and hard sitting on the sidelines. I wanted to be on the field with my teammates. I'm healthy now though.

On when he could start working out:
Probably more in the winter. Over the year, I was working on my core and strengthening my back so I could get to this point.

On if he feels like he's in game shape:
Definitely, definitely.

On if it's been different than he expected:
Not really, the older guys take the younger guys under their wing. I learn from Owa and the coaches. I'm excited to be here.

On Kylie Fitts' leaving:
We're working together as a team and a D-Line and we're working as a big family, and we're sad we lost a brother but we're going to maintain our goal of winning championships.

On who's been most difficult to go against:
There is no one in particular, the whole O-Line is great, the O-Line and D-Line. We work together. In the cool tub we tell the O-Linemen if they're leaning too much.

On how eager he is to play:
I'm really excited. I'm excited to be here and blessed to be a part of UCLA's team with Coach Mora's staff. I'm just real excited.

On his size:
6-5, 270.

On the biggest adjustment:
It's a challenge really every single day. That goes for the whole team. It's a challenge and I love it.

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