VIDEO: Yarber on Receivers

Wide Receivers coach Eric Yarber talks about the development of Alex Van Dyke, Devin Lucien growing into a leadership role, and more...

Eric Yarber:

On Alex Van Dyke:
I think Alex is pretty good. He's improving. He's a real smart receiver, very confident. He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. If he does, he learns from it. Like a lot of young receivers, he's working on fundamentals and technique. He's big, fast, rangy and he has that big catch frame.

On if AVD can play inside:
We thought about that but I want him to hone in on one spot before we move him around. He's swimming and I don't want paralysis by analysis getting him to play too many positions. It would take away what he has in quickness.

On Eldridge Massington:
I think Eldridge is turning it on. He was thinking all the time and trying to be perfect all the time. Then he turned loose and he's not thinking as much. He's using his athletic ability right now.

On Devin Lucien:
I feel like a proud papa. He's grown up, he's matured and taking a leadership role. He's mentoring young guys. He's trying to help this team anyway he can. If that's making a spectacular play or helping the young guys, we're proud of him. As you all know he looked up to Shaq. I said to him that your big brother is gone and you can make him proud by stepping into his shoes and being a leader like he was for you, mentor other kids like he did for you.

On if they have a red zone threat:
Thomas Duarte is a great weapon in the red zone. Eldridge is great as well. You think about those guys with the big body, they're great in the red zone. I foresee Alex being that too. Even Devin, he has those flash plays in the red zone, you throw it to him, he's gonna catch it.

On Thomas Duarte:
He plays a little faster and he knows the offense a little better. Hes always been smooth and had a knack to get open. He's got a real quiet confidence now. He knows a linebacker or safety can't hold him, it takes a nickel to stop him.

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