VIDEO: Wadood in the Two-Deep

Freshman defensive back Jaleel Wadood talks about where he's lining up to start fall camp, what the plans are for him going forward, and more...

Jaleel Wadood:

On how camp has been:
It's going good, I'm just taking it day by day. Making sure I learn my stuff. Coming out and competing.

On playing safety:
I'm sitting behind Randall Goforth and Anthony Jefferson and learning how they work and seeing what they do and learning from those guys.

On playing on offense:
I'm just focsing on defense and perfecting my craft at safety and then later on, maybe move over to offense. I wouldn't mind it, I'd do it if they asked me to. It's whatever they want me to do.

On the difference in speed from Bosco:
Guys are bigger and they move faster. It's day four so I've picked up on the speed. Just running fast, playing fast, that helps me a lot. The tempo is crazy, every play it seems like the ball is down. Taking it day by day, playing fast, keeping the motor going.

On the biggest adjustment at safety:
You have more calls and more playbook wise plus the speed of the game. You make up for it with quickness and brains.

On his size:
I'm 170, 175 and want to get to 180, 185.

On the veterans:
Ishmael Adams, Fabian Moreau, all the older dudes are taking me under the wings, showing me the ropes. I appreciate those guys.

On adjusting to college football:
It's a grind and you have to come out here every day and compete. You can't take a day off, you can't take a play off. You have to come out here and compete every day.

On the best receiver he's gone against:
They're all good. I can't really name one. One will step up and make a play, the next will make a play. They're all making us work which we appreciate.

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