VIDEO: Clark on D-Line

Sophomore nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about the new defense, what his role is going to be, how Eddie Vanderdoes is looking, and what it's like to go against Jake Brendel every day...

Kenneth Clark:

On the defensive line:
We're working hard and doing what we've got to do. Owa, Ellis, Eddie, myself and even the young guys, we're doing our job and putting in our part to be a good defensive line as a whole.

On moving around:
I'm playing nose and the 1-technique and 2i, working hard and doing my job.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
He's the best player I've ever played with. He's strong. He's super athletic. He's explosive. He knows how to knock a guard back and disrupt a play.

On Jake Brendel:
Jake is the smartest player I've ever played against and I think he's one of the best centers in the nation. Facing him every day makes me better and I know I make him better. He tells me that every day. We respect each other and have high intensity when we go against each other. We just go all out until we can't go anymore. We both are great competitors. The whole offensive line, they're strong, athletic, really athletic, they know how to move and keep me on my toes.

On what Brendel tells him about his game:
He always tells me I was a good run stopper. He just gives me little tips on how I need to stay low here or there, I need to work on this. If I come off the ball wrong, he'd tell me. If I did the wrong move. We have a good relationship of telling each other what to do to get better.

On picking up the slack of the defensive line:
We'll for sure pick up the slack. We have good players all around. Kenny Orjioke, Deon Hollins, Myles, Owa, Eddie, Ellis, we all are good pass rushers. We all contribute to pushing the pocket and getting sacks.

On if they'll attack more as a defensive line:
We'll let it loose. The whole defensive line. We're all athletic, the whole defensive line. We'll let it loose and go hard every day. We'll produce sacks and tackles for loss and put the team on our back. Put ourselves in the right position for our linebackers to make plays and our DBs to make plays.

On Owa:
Owa is a great player, he works hard and he's in every day early, doing the right things. He's a role model to me and I watch him every day. He's coming off the hip injury and he just works every day. It's amazing to see. He's a real good football player.

On what he tries to incorporate in his game:
We're all different players but watching Owa work and his work ethic is amazing. That's the type of level you want to be at as you go on in your football career.

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