VIDEO: Fuller Talks Camp

Junior slot receiver Devin Fuller talks about what he's improved in the offseason, what he's seen from Brett Hundley so far in camp, and more...

Devin Fuller:

On fall camp:
It's been going great for all of us. The defense is flying around, the offense is having fun time playing the defense. We're all getting better.

On the difference in Brett Hundley:
Taking more leadership of the team. In meetings and everything. He's more accountable for everyone on the team, not just himself. Coming from a quarterback in the past, just seeing how he takes command of the field, it's different from last year.

On what he does to assert himself:
He's an assertive person. If something is not right, he'll tell you. He's trying to get everything perfect so everything in the game is smooth.

On Hundley using his interior receivers more:
Me and Brett have talked about it. With the addition of JP, he's looking inside a little more. The inside receivers are getting a lot of balls so no complaining there.

On the pressure Hundley puts on himself:
Brett Hundley is Brett Hundley. Everyone comes out to see him but he has to live up to that expectation so he's doing that every day, doing the best he can do so we can be the best team we can be and without him being the best he can be, we're not going to win. We work every day to be the best we can be.

On if he gives Hundley advice on being a quarterback:
He does a good job so he doesn't need my help.

On Alex Van Dyke:
He's a big body and very athletic. Long kid. He's going to be a great receiver for us. People like to crack jokes on him for how young he is, calling him Bambi. But he's a great kid. Great hands, great feet, great route running.

On if he thinks Bambi will stick with Van Dyke:
No. We're one year away.

On how his sophomore season went:
I feel like I could have did some other things, but that's what this year is for. I'm looking for a breakout season and exceed my expectations for last year and win a national championship.

On personal goals:
Hopefully a breakout season for me would be a national championship for this team, because contributing to that would be a great accomplishment.

On what he worked on this offseason:
Just quickness. Hands. Working on my squatting. Footwork drills.

On being a former quarterback:
I've still got it in the tank. I'll always revert back to that. I still have the mind of a quarterback and the arm, so you just have to give me a couple throws.

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